Mirka Mirlon Scotch Brite Pads

Mirka Mirlon Scotch Brite Pads

Flexible sanding material suitable for profiled/contoured surfaces - paint, lacquer, varnish, metal, wood and composites. Ideal for keying paint and varnished surfaces between coats, can also be used wet to minimise dust.

Colour availability: Red or Grey

Size(L/W/H): approx. 15.5 x 11.5 x 0.7 cm

Features: Soft, durable and flexible.

Washable and rust-free, can be used multiple times.

Three-dimensional fibre sanding material with an excellent surface finish and sized to fit the average-sized hand.

Removes tough and stubborn debris.

Suitable for preparation of lacquered surfaces and fading.

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