holographic xbox

Xbox One S Holographic Repaint

This project was handed to us with an open mind. The client wanted something special for their Xbox One and the control pad, so the team helped by transforming them with holographi...

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xbox controller before and after 1

Xbox One Gold Pearl Repaint

After our first Xbox repaint, we were handed another to work on. The client wanted a matching console and Xbox one control pad – we were more than happy to oblige! Tools Used...

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dark captain america sheild

Captain America Dark Shield Project

We bought a couple of Metal Captain America shields to repaint and put our own stamp on them, adding two contrasting black paints with different sheen levels. Our team took our tim...

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captain america shield respray 1

Captain America Classic Shield Project

This is the second metal Captain America Shield project we have repainted, and again, we were keen to put our own stamp on it. We added two 2K translucent lacquers, which we tainte...

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green model boat

Andy Nightingale’s Model Boat

Andy had a model speed boat he needed to repaint, so the team helped him to transform his boat through high-quality paint solutions. Find out more about how this project turned out...

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Mandalorian Mask

3D Printed Mandalorian Helmet

Having never painted a 3D printed object before, this new project excited us, and the team were looking forward to taking up the challenge. This turned out to be a labour of love a...

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phone cover repaint 1

Stephen’s Mobile Phone Cover Repaint

Stephen brought us a challenge to repaint and rejuvenate his old phone cover. We love taking on a quirky project, so challenge accepted!! We cleaned the cover-up and gave it a fant...

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New Project 60

Predator Resin Mask Project

This particular project was one of our favourites as we have not sprayed a resin cast before, so the entire project was new to us. We encountered a few issues, but the result was w...

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bathroom before and after 1

Jon’s Bathroom Refurb

Jon called us with the plan of refurbishing his fitted bathroom rather than replacing it. We discussed the options and a few alternatives for paint and settled on the HD/AC primer...

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sprayed boat oars

Martin’s Daughter’s Boat Oars Project

Martin approached us looking for a strong water-resistant paint to refurbish his daughter’s boat oars. We discussed available options, and Martin went with the base coat prim...

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