american pool table project

American Competition Pool Table Project

We purchased a 9ft by 4.5ft American Competition Pool table, which was in need of work. This was most definitely the hardest project we have encountered as there were lots of fault...

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colour match before and after

Adam’s VW Beetle Colour Match

Adam came to us as he needed some paint for his VW Beetle; he sent us a sample for us to colour match. After a few days, we created the sample match and had this sent out to him. W...

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trumpet project

Simon’s Trumpet Project

In his spare time, Simon repairs and refurbishes broken, second-hand instruments to give to children who cannot afford them in school. When he told us of the project he had in mind...

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Before After Wheels

BMW M3 Wheel Demo

We decided to demonstrate how to repair a damaged alloy wheel on this project. Before embarking on any project with your alloys, it’s worth checking with your local tyre fitt...

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Peter's Judge Dredd Prop Gun

Peter’s Judge Dredd Lawgiver Prop Gun

Peter’s resin cast Judge Dredd prop gun, similar to Drew’s recent prop gun project, took even more damage during a short film. The prop gun was repeatedly dropped, crea...

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finished alien rifle project

Alien Colonial Marine Pulse Rifle Project

Our team recently bought this amazing 3D printed Aliens Colonial Marine Pulse Rifle replica, which we renovated and added an additional electronic element to upgrade the model. Thi...

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security box project

Exterior Alarm Security Boxes

We were approached by a company to paint some exterior alarm boxes to match an existing colour scheme. While the boxes were made from plastic, we had no trouble painting them! Tool...

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drews prop gun project 1

Drew’s Judge Dredd Lawgiver Prop Gun

Drew’s resin cast Judge Dredd prop gun took a bit of a battering while filming a short film as it had been repeatedly dropped on concrete, which created dents and chipping. This...

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predator alien head 1

Alien Head Project

We were thrilled when a client asked us to help them with their Alien Head project, and we are excited about the results. Take a look at how we completed this project and the befor...

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