finished predator mask

Predator Resin Mask Project

This particular project was one of our favourites as we have not sprayed a resin cast before, so the entire project was new to us. We encountered a few issues, but the result was w...

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bathroom before and after 1

Jon’s Bathroom Refurb

Jon called us with the plan of refurbishing his fitted bathroom rather than replacing it. We discussed the options and a few alternatives for paint and settled on the HD/AC primer...

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sprayed boat oars

Martin’s Daughter’s Boat Oars Project

Martin approached us looking for a strong water-resistant paint to refurbish his daughter’s boat oars. We discussed available options, and Martin went with the base coat prim...

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dc paint locker

Work Locker Refurbishment

Throughout lockdown, we have been completing a range of fun and quirky spraying projects for clients. This time, we decided to embark on our own project, spray painting a set of lo...

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laptop painting 1

PC Laptop Cover Repaint

A client came to DC Paint Solutions looking to transform their laptop cover, and went in with an open mind in terms of how the project was to be completed. Tools Used Sanding paper...

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colour matched guttering

Adrian’s Guttering Paint Match

Adrian brought this project to us as the guttering he received for this project was the wrong colour. The team worked with Adrian to find a spray paint colour to match the colour h...

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bmw black door handle

BMW Door Handle

Cars are often prized possessions for many, so when they become damaged, it can be extremely frustrating. Not only is it annoying having to deal with the scratches, but it can also...

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blue caliper project

BMW E53 Vehicle Blue Caliper Paints

Take a look at this fantastic transformation we completed on some BMW E53 calipers to add a modern, eye-catching twist to the vehicle. Tools and Materials Used: To complete this pr...

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pc tower refurbishment

PC Gaming Tower Refurbishment

We recently completed a personal project to show how the paint linked below could adhere to plastics. This involved transforming the colour of an outdated PC gaming tower using cus...

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