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At DC Paint Solutions, we have been asked for some obscure creations in the past, from leather spray paint to manufacturing a gag can with PH-neutral water in aerosol form for the BBC. But when Walters of Clydebank called to discuss the need for a gold paint that will stick to glass but has actual real gold in it, this was definitely something we wanted to participate in.

The client of Walters of Clydebank wanted to produce an utterly elegant and decadent product, to say the least. The product was a Royal Salute bottle, a brand known for curating some of the finest and most sophisticated, opulent whiskeys in the world, ranging from £2,000 to over £25,000, so for a product this indulgent, attention to detail is everything. Yes, they could have used just gold-coloured paint, but this is about the best of the best, and only real gold paint will do.

How We Created A Real Gold Glass Paint:

Formulating a paint like this carries a few issues with it. Most paints manufactured these days don’t have real metal flecks in the paint – it’s actually plastic. The gold that was sent to us was virtually a powder, but as it is still metal, it could sink and sediment at the bottom of the aerosol. With a really good shake, the agitator (a little ball in the can) will mix up the solution.

Along with this, the size of the fleck in the powdered gold is also a factor, as this can jam up the nozzle if it is not the correct size. We checked the size of the fleck in the powder, and it works out about the same as flour, which we know is more than capable of passing through our nozzles.

After testing, we sent the can to Walters of Clydesbank, a family-run business specialising in engraving, embroidery, glass engraving and corporate branding for over 30 years. Once they have performed their magic on the bottle, it’s now truly one of a kind, bespoke and no expense spared on absolute quality.

Thanks to Christine and her team for bringing this project to us. It was amazing to resolve this one for you.

Images From The Project:

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