Renew Patio Furniture With Spray Paint

Patio furniture has to endure the harsh seasons throughout the year, and it can, therefore, end up looking worn out and tired. There are many ways in which you can renew patio furn...

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aerosols can

Aerosol Spray Paint: The Basics

Aerosol spray paint, also known as rattle cans, are produced in a sealed and pressurised container (can or tin). The paint is dispersed by depressing a nozzle on the top of the can...

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Homemade Gift Ideas Using Spray Paint

Spray paint is a great way to add colour to anything and can be a creative method for personalised and thoughtful gifts. Whether you are creative or not, spray painting is an easy...

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gun project finished

Model Gun Into Movie Prop

Working on the model gun was a fairly lengthy project and took a great amount of detail to achieve the finished look.But we managed to get it to look perfect ready for its big debu...

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How To Improve IKEA Furniture

IKEA’s ready-to-assemble furniture is both cost-effective and attractive, so it is no surprise that it has found its way into the homes of many people across the UK. However,...

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love sign refurb

Refurbishing A Decorative House Feature

DC Paint Solutions recently refurbished an old house sign which had over time become damaged. As the home feature was getting a tad old, the paint had also started to wear away, wh...

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repurposed furniture

How To Repurpose Furniture

With interior design constantly evolving, the desire to give our furniture a makeover is all the more tempting. New trends and innovative products can easily make our existing furn...

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variety of spray cans

Our Top Spray Paint Safety Tips

Offering a more even coverage and faster application process than paintbrushes, spray painting has become an increasingly popular decorating method. Although spray painting boasts...

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Yellow garage door

A Guide To Spray Painting Your Garage Door

Garage doors go through their fair share of wear and tear – whether it may be deterioration due to exposure to adverse weather conditions or dents and scratches caused by fam...

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