daves truck project all finished

Dave’s Mobile Truck Projects

Dave has brought us a number of his truck projects over the last few years. His projects start by building the model replica trucks like a real scale trucks, adding frames, full el...

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before and after of furniture refurbishment

Lewis’ Table Set Refurbishment

The first thing about painting is having the enthusiasm and drive to do it in the first place; if you have the passion for the project, the rest is semantics. Don’t be daunte...

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before and after of model truck

Dwayne’s Truck Project

This project proved to be quite difficult because of the size, but it looked amazing once finished – it’s a great project for you to try from home! Tool List: Multi Gri...

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before and after of robocop refurb

Robocop Bust Project

Although currently only half finished, this fantastic Robocop bust project was enjoyable and reasonably easy, making it perfect for you to try from home! This is how we have achiev...

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before and after draws refurb

Darcy’s Bedroom Drawer Refurbishment

Our customer Darcy was looking to transform her plain white bedroom drawer with a pop of colour! This is how our products helped her complete her project. Tool List: Multi Grade Sa...

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before and after of ornamental duck

Joe’s Ornamental Hereford Duck

Joe came to us with a project involving a 50-year-old duck ornament which he needed help refurbishing to make it look as good as new. He used the following steps to prep, paint and...

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before and after snack wagon refurbishment

Josh’s Snacks Wagon Refurb

Our customer Josh came to us with a snack wagon refurb project in mind; we gave him all the tools he needed to refurb the wagon, so he went away to fulfil his task; this is how he...

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drawer refurbishment before and after

Drawer Refurbishment

Matt came to us with a set of drawers that he needed refurbishing, so we helped him find the products and carry out the project; this is how he did it. Tools: Dust Sheets Multi-Gra...

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shipping container before and after

Shipping Container Refurbishment

Our client Josh came to us with a difficult job in mind; he needed to refurbish an already painted container and wanted to protect its existing mural. Tools: Multi Grit Sandpaper M...

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american pool table project

American Competition Pool Table Project

We purchased a 9ft by 4.5ft American Competition Pool table, which was in need of work. This was most definitely the hardest project we have encountered as there were lots of fault...

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