gold bath finished

Bath Refurbishment

For this project, the team decided to use a spray gun, as this reduced the spraying time. However, you can just as easily complete this project using aerosol paint, which can be fo...

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iron man mask finished

Iron Man Mask Re-Paint

PLEASE NOTE: The chrome paint we used in this project is not the paint we sell on our website. The chrome paint used on this page is by ALSA. This project was purely for demonstrat...

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Snack Wagon Project

Snack Wagon Refurbishment Project

Although some of the most common items that our customers opt for transforming using our products include cars and household belongings, there are thousands of more unique alternat...

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Door before and after

Jordan’s Garage Door Project

As we continue to work our way through the lockdown, it has been fantastic to see so many of our excellent customers using our products to carry out their own DIY projects. This is...

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Camo boat on water

Dennis East’s Camo Boat

Another fabulous job from our client Dennis East! Originally a cream boat, Dennis opted for upgrading his boat to a medium green colour. Different coats of green were then sprayed...

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Garden chimenea project

Refurbishing Lisa’s Garden Chimenea

We recently carried out a fun little project for Lisa, who owned an old garden chimenea which was going to be thrown away. In just two days and around 8 hours of work, we were able...

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blue motorbike

Peter Shefford Motorbike Respray

Thanks, Peter Shefford for the fantastic pics of the job you did with our paints on your motorbike. The Project Peter wanted an anti-corrosive paint for his Exhaust and part of the...

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Final Resprayed Motorhome

Jon’s Motorhome Project

A motorhome provides a wealth of opportunities to travel to the destinations that you have always dreamed of visiting. So while travel restrictions remain in place for the next few...

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Dashboard Before & After

Mark’s Lotus Repaint

One of our customers, Mark, recently repainted several aspects of his Lotus using our high build primer, base coat and 2K gloss lacquer. Take a look at how this was achieved, and y...

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