daves truck project all finished

Dave has brought us a number of his truck projects over the last few years. His projects start by building the model replica trucks like a real scale trucks, adding frames, full electrics and even sound effects. The more comprehensive the project, the more functions are added, from working gears and hand brakes etc. and all functions being completely remote controlled.

Tool List:


Dave started by preparing the parts by cleaning and sanding down all of the elements that needed painting. Once all the sanding was complete, Dave added multiple light coats of the grey primer – this is a great way to further smooth over any rougher parts of the model and mould lines.

The drying time was approximately 1 hour in total, meaning this is an easy and quick process. Dave added a few light coats of high build primer and left it to fully cure at room temperature.

Our client insisted on authenticity with the base coat colours, so he actually chose automotive paints for a majority of the colours, meaning that 3 light coats of the base coat paint were added and cured fully over 3 hours again at room temperature.

Once this was completed, the base coat was protected with a 1K coat of clear gloss lacquer to finish the project and seal the paint.

The Final Word:

This must be a difficult project to paint due to the size of the parts you are spraying, but that’s nothing in comparison to the construction of the actual trucks, which are a mammoth task, but what an amazing finish. Thanks again for the pictures, Dave; fantastic work! Onto the next one.

Images From The Project:

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