Pantone Colour Aerosol Spray Paint

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Pantone colour spray paint and Pantone colour aerosols have started to become more and more popular. The pantone colour aerosol spray cans available with DC Paint Solutions are recognised nationwide and are renowned for their high quality and affordability.

When placing your order for Pantone colours please ensure whether you want your colour matched from the “U” Uncoated (Matt) books or from the “C” Coated (Gloss) books. This is imperative as the colours are not the same from one book to the other despite the Pantone reference codes being the same.

You can order your Pantone colour spray paint cans from us to complete work already started or to begin work using Pantone colours. If you are looking for a specific Pantone spray paint colour that may have been discontinued or simply want to save money on a large order of spray paint cans for those bigger jobs, please contact us today.

When you order your custom filled Pantone aerosol spray paint cans from DC Paint Solutions, you save money the more aerosol spray paint cans you order; if you have a big job to complete, we can provide you with the right Pantone colour match for your spray paint and you spend less per can the larger your order is.

We can accommodate orders for single 400ml custom filled Pantone aerosol spray paint cans at £11.99. For ten or more spray paint cans the price drops per can to £10.99, decreasing further in price the more you order, up to a fantastic saving on orders of 1000 or more, with each can costing only £5.99. It is easy to get the Pantone colours match for your Pantone spray paint and we have two ways available to help you get the right colour match.

To get your Pantone colour match on your 400 ml custom filled aerosol spray paint cans, simply enter the Pantone colour code on our order page; you should be able to find this on your old container or on a colour swatch of the colour you want to match.

Once you have entered the Pantone colour code, let us know which kind of paint that you require; acrylic, cellulose or synthetic enamel. After you select your paint type for your Pantone colour match spray paint cans, tell us which level of gloss you require from full gloss, semi-gloss, satin and matt.

We believe in going the extra mile for our customers and we have two optional extras available to add to your order to make your spray paint work results last longer and a more pleasant experience whilst you are undertaking it.

You can choose to add UV protection to your order and you also have the option to add a flower scented deodoriser for a less strong spray paint smell whilst working.

If you don’t know what your Pantone colour code is, we offer a free colour match service; send us a sample of the colour you want to match and our expert technicians will produce a match for you. If you have any questions about our Pantone colour match service, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

Pantone Scheme

DC Paint Solutions are happy to offer the Pantone colour scheme however due to the lack of quality of the pantone books, we can only match within 80% of the books we have in stock. Pantone+ series books are historically fine paper with ink dried onto the pages. This leads to degradation of the colour over time from friction and colour bleaching. DC Paint Solutions own three of these books and the colour differences are noticeable in each book. This would also leads us to the conclusion the books you, our clients possess may also be shades in or out. For this reason we match all of our Pantone colours from our Pantone books within 80% of the original colour and DC Paint Solutions take no responsibility for the colour matches to any other samples or pantone schemes. In the unlikelihood a DC Paint Solutions pantone colour is drastically different from the original colour we require the goods to be sent back where we can test the colour and where necessary replace the goods. If your project is reliant on a particular Pantone colour(s) please send a sample of the colour by post and we will custom match this colour for you.

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