Have you recently invested in some new Alloy wheels? Or maybe you decided to take the leap and you purchased Alloy Wheels years ago. Like many, they too can start to look a bit old and over used. At DC Paint Solutions we provide the best car alloy wheel paint, suitable for any make of vehicle. And not to mention, our Dulux colour matching service…Well? How do you like the sound of that? Below, we are going to do what we do best, (besides spraying your vehicle) we are going to advice and explain the benefits of alloy wheel paint, and the different types we provide.

Alloy Wheel Paint

We thought as a team, why not go all out and have our very own DC Paint Solutions Perfect Wheels kit. Specially designed for the refurbishment of alloy wheels. Starting off with 20 of the most popular industry colours, you definitely won’t be short on choice with us! Below is a list of some of the colours we provide:

  • Ferric Grey
  • Audi Anthracite
  • SteinGrau
  • Sparkle Silver
  • Peugeot Silver
  • Nissan Silver
  • Mercury Chrome

Granted, the names aren’t the most easy to say. However, once applied by our tastefully trained team. You will be lost for words to even attempt to say it. Of course, when it comes to car spray paints, you have to put a Lacquer and Undercoat. I mean, you wouldn’t make a sandwich with no bread…would you? To be precise, we use ‘High Gloss 2K Lacquer and a 2K Black Gloss Undercoat. Both of which can be found on our website.

So why get your Alloy Wheels painted?

At the end of the day, it is completely up you whether you choose to get them spray painted. From a professional’s point of view, we will always say yes! Not only would it look far more appealing, it can contribute to the durability of the wheels.
And look on the Brightside, when you come to DC Paint Solutions you are always welcomed by a silly smile and a helpful hand!

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