DC Paint Solutions provide many spray paint products for your car. All of which are colour matched to specifically suit the metal on your vehicle. The car paint products are created by our expert in house technicians, to a factory condition. Meaning that, you as the customer have nothing to worry about. Furthermore, your car is left in safe hands.

RAL Colours

One of the most popular choice of colours, the RAL Colour system has been established for many years. In addition, it has been shown to be used in road safety, construction and Industry settings. The system contains over more than 200 different colours, so you are not short on choice. You can also have a choice of either a Matt or Gloss finish to suit your taste. The many different shades of spray to choose from, don’t worry if it seems like you’ll never be able to choose.  With our colour match service, we can make your life easier and quicker for you.

Car Spray Paints

We are also pleased to offer some of the highest quality and traditional car spray paints out there! Specifically to suit the model of your car, we can perfectly match the design of your car. For example, we offer ‘Bentley Car Spray Paint’ and ‘Jaguar Car Spray Paint’. We decided to do this because, we understand the importance of having the colour of the paint being perfectly matched to your car, giving you piece of mind and nothing to worry about.


At DC Paint Solutions we also provide Primers & Lacquers for your vehicle, we knew that it was only too sane to offer this as a product because. The best way to lengthen the durability of the paint on your car is to apply a primer beforehand. With primers such as the ‘Etch Primer’ and the ‘High Build Primer’. You have a variety of top of the range products to choose from.

With the many choice to choose from, you won’t be short on picking our which Car Paint Product is best for you.

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