If you need to find a cheap spray paint for a personal DIY project or if you’re working on a project with a limited budget, having the ability to source good parts at cheaper prices is a great quality to have. This week, we will discuss how you can find yourself some cheap spray paints and colour aerosols.

Buy Online

The best place to find cheap spray paints is online. A recent study for 2016 e-commerce and conversion statistics pointed out that 40% of global internet users, or 1,000,000,000 people purchased items online. With that many people looking for quality products online, you would be forgiven for purchasing a product from the wrong online store. You can buy cheap spray paints online here, there are a selection of RAL paints, British Standard and Pantone colours available.

Before you commit to making any purchases online, do some research. Find out what the e-commerce store does, how long have they been operating, is it a trusted website?

Be Ultra Cautious

As we mentioned above – there are a lot of internet users out there and thousands of online stores, all of them claiming to provide the “cheapest spray paints” and “best quality paints”. However, most of the time, these store will be owned by someone operating from their bedroom with an affiliate program set up on a very basic e-commerce WordPress website. You can’t blame them for trying, but they will never have the expertise that an experienced supplier of RAL spray paints will be able to provide.

Do also be aware of commercial painting companies. It can be easy to get confused and make enquiries with an on site paint spraying organisation – trust us, it’s been done in the past!

Research the Cheaper Brands

Again, that all important keyword. Research.

Make sure that you spend some time visiting online stores, local merchants and manufacturer forums to try and highlight a few well known cheap brands. You can compare each one with one another and choose the brand and paint product that is best for you and your project.

If colour is what you are after, there are hundreds of bespoke colours that can be created. Alternatively, looking into the RAL paint colours could help you make a decision or persuade you to consider a different colour option

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