Many DIY enthusiasts love the idea of spray painting old, worn out items and bringing them back to life in some capacity so that they can be reused in their home.

A lot of sentimental items tend to be refurbished because people sceptical and get themselves worked up about the repercussions should they decide to get rid of it.

But all of that can be brushed aside . . .

Here, our team at DC Paint Solutions have found three easily transformed items that can help make spray-painting everyday household items that much easier and far more practical with no overspray flying here there and everywhere.

You can use the following items and transform them into your very own spray-painting booth, leaving overspray as a thing of the past:

  • Old cardboard boxes
  • Broken dishwashers
  • Unwanted hanging wardrobes

Make use of old cardboard boxes to create a spray booth:

Now then, this may sound a little strange and we’re not expecting you to go rifling through rubbish bins in search of the perfect cardboard box – However, if you’re in to your spray painting and have always fancied your own booth – try not to be tempted to through that large box out just yet.

Follow these simple steps to create your very own portable booth:

You’re probably half expecting us to list six or seven steps to get your portable booth set up right? Well fortunately, that’s not the case and it can take you as long as a whopping 5 minutes.

Simply grab yourself a good-sized cardboard box and open up when end, leaving the other completely intact. Proceed to laying the box sideways on the floor and you’re ready to go.

If you want to, you can even use Play-Doh or a few pencils to help elevate your items from the base of the box. This will make it considerably easier to move around when you need to paint certain areas.

If you planning to spray outside, make sure that you use a good quality RAL aerosol and a mask to prevent any paint particles getting into your airway. The box itself will also help to prevent any bugs or debris from landing on your wet paint.

Don’t be tempted to throw out old hanging wardrobes

Sometimes you’ll come along a household item that you’ve had for years and the first thing you think about doing when its coming to the end of its days is to throw it out right?

Well if you have a hanging wardrobe (especially a white one) you might want to think twice because you could be stood on a hacked spray-painting booth and you wont even know it.

Even if you think of buying a hanging wardrobe, you can pick one up just like this from IKEA UK.

Simply turn the wardrobe on its side and lay a small piece of cardboard on the floor to provide a solid platform for the items to lay on. If you’re using an older wardrobe, make sure that you cover up any rips with white duct tape before you start spraying.

When you have completed the spray painting, make sure you remember to zip and seal the door – leave it for 30/40 minutes, as this will allow the dust and paint to settle and leave an even coating.

Don’t be too quick to throw out your old dishwasher . . .

Now then, you’d be forgiven for simply throwing out your old broken dishwasher and simply replace it with a new one. However, if you spray paint small to medium sized items on a regular basis, you’ll need a spraying booth of some form – but guess what?

You might already have one . . .

A busted dishwasher could be exactly what you need when it comes down to a household spraying booth for small items. All you need to do is make a couple of small changes and your ready to go.

First things first:

Remove all of the necessary parts that are not going to be needed as part of your spraying booth. Items such as the door, any plumbing, electrical items, wiring and any insulation can be removed and disposed of.

All that should remain is the carcass and the legs of the dishwasher.


This next step is completely optional and you should only add it if you have the time, budget and resources to do so. If you’re not able to add lighting, it won’t affect the quality of the coating, just the visibility.

You can use fluorescent lighting tubes and attach them to roof of the dishwasher.

Plug the drainage hole:

99.99% of modern dishwashers are built with a drainage point at the base of the washer. If you have removed this when breaking down the dishwasher, you’ll need to replace this with something suitable to prevent any overspray from leaking through.

A good choice to help plug the whole is a bucket lid. Simply cut it to size and place it into the drainage whole.

Build a lazy Susan:

If you want to take full advantage of your own spraying booth, you’ll need an easy to use turntable in the centre (otherwise known as a lazy Susan).

This will help your items get a full, even coating and prevent drips and bubbles from forming in the process. You can use four adjustable wheel and a wooden platform for the best effect.

Start to assemble the booth:

Add the bottom board to the base of the dishwasher and add in your lazy Susan. The board will provide the extra support needed when rotating the central board and spraying your items.

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