Getting your vehicle spray painted can be daunting for anyone, one of the top worries we have found many of our customers face is, finding the perfect match paint. That is where we come in, with countless amount of years of experience within car body shop services, we have taken on board our customers queries. Now offering our Dulux Colour Match service, giving you piece of mind. Below, we are going to explain in more detail a little bit more about how you can find the right spray paint colour for you, and how we can help achieve your dream look.

How you can get Dulux Paint Coloured Matched

If we haven’t said it enough already, yes. At DC Paint Solutions we offer spray paints which can be ordered to Dulux colours, so you can be sure to find the perfect match for your car. One of the benefits of using our Dulux colour match services is, if you’re looking for a colour that may have been discontinued elsewhere. Then we have all the colours under the sun, you’ll be sure to find it with us. On the other hand, you may not want to buy your paint in bulk, simply ordering our spray paint can save you a lot of money rather than buying it from a wholesalers. It’s a simpler process than what you may assume, simply just give us a sample of either the colour you want/colour you may have at the moment. We can then match our a-ray of spray paints to the colour you want.

Why DC Paint Solutions stands out From the Rest

Below is a quick list on reasons as to why we are different from other competitors:

  • Every order is made fresh on the day, to your exact specification.
  • We use the highest quality industrial/commercial paint for a professional and prestige finish.
  • Our unique adjustable nozzle, means it’s now a quicker and cost effective process.
  • A trusted and respectable name within the industry.

As you can see, we have many years of experience within this industry. Our combined expertise and knowledge as a friendly team, have concluded us to provide excellent services every time. Look no further for a trust worthy and reliable body shop company.

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