Spray Paint Improvements HomeTools, whether it be screwdrivers and hammers or tape measures and nails, are incredibly useful for home improvement projects, however sometimes the most effective and cost efficient results can be yielded through spray paint. Due to the massive diversity of spray paints currently available, which include everything from traditional paint to contemporary finishes that mimic metal, spray paint has become an exceptionally popular means of giving your home a much needed facelift.

Aside from the wide range of paint types and finishes available, much of the popularity of spray paints for can be attributed to the highly durable, long-lasting finish they provide and the high aesthetic impact achieved. Furthermore, spray paint can be applied to an ever increasing number of surfaces on which it can be utilised, these include wood, metal, ceramics and even plastic. In addition to the excellent qualities of spray painting, perhaps the greatest reason for its widespread use in home improvement projects is how cheap this medium is to use, to demonstrate effective home improvement can be achieved for as little as £10!

Collected beneath are nine of popular home improvement projects using spray paints:

Home Improvements Sconce Spray PaintRejuvenate Compromised Window Frames:

Wooden window frames, especially those in bathrooms, can deteriorate due to regular exposure to water, causing the paint coating to become compromised exposing the underlying wood. Respraying the wooden window frame not only restores the coating on the frame restoring it, but also provides a protective bond, preventing further damage from occurring to the underlying wood.

Restore Scratched, Weathered Sconce:

Due to the constant exposure to all the elements, a sconce can become tired in appearance, these tatty aesthetics can have a negative impact on the overall appearance of your property, making it look neglected. An effective recoat can not only protect the sconce from further damage due to weathering, it can also improve its overall aesthetic appearance. For the best effects we advise that you use a spray paint which provides a metallic finish.

Spray Paint Home UrnsAdd Some Extravagance To Cheap Looking Plastic Urns:

Plastic urns are incredibly popular garden ornaments, often holding the prize plants of the garden. It is a shame that so often the splendour of the plants contained is overshadowed by the ugliness of the plastic urns cheap and tacky appearance. Spray paint can be used to revolutionise the appearance of these urns, giving them a tasteful appearance which masks the underlying plastic. For best results we advise the use of ceramic colours with a matt finish.

Give Your Toaster A Facelift:

All too often the stunning aesthetics of kitchens are undermined by the tacky appearance of the applications. Often, and perhaps surprisingly, the toaster can be the number one offender! Spray paint is an exceptionally effective means of bringing the appearance of your toaster in line with the rest of your kitchen’s aesthetics. Regardless of whether you choose a contemporary pastel colour which compliments the surroundings, or a modern metallic finish to add distinction, the spray based coating is available.

Spray Paint Home ToasterModernise Dated Candlesticks:

Brass and metallic candlesticks, unless they are contemporary designs, are simply outdated, giving homes the appearance of a museum. Using spray paint on these candlesticks is an exceptional means of modernising them and creating a cohesive appearance throughout an interior or dining table. For the best results we advise using an enamel based coating that is either white or cream.

Revive Stained And Tired Looking Wooden Furniture:

Due to the natural wear and tear of life within a domestic setting, wooden furnishings whether it is chairs and tables or cabinets and wardrobes can become tired looking as their finishes deteriorate. Stains can occur from negligence and accidents leaving the furniture looking scruffy. We appreciate the natural beauty of wooden features, so you will be pleased to know we are not going to encourage you to colour coat your wooden furniture, forever hiding away the underlying wood. Instead we suggest applying a clear, glossy coating to the wood’s surface, protecting it whilst also producing an effective and stunning new surface appearance reviving your tired looking furniture.

Home Improvements Spray PaintAdd Traction To Slippery Surfaces:

Believe it or not, spray paint can not only be used to provide stunning aesthetics and protect underlying surfaces, it can also be used to create beneficial, practical attributes to a surface. In this case, spray paint can be used to create traction on slippery surfaces, such as those found in a bathroom. These slippery surfaces can be dangerous and are responsible for a surprising number of injuries due to unexpected and sudden falls. There are a number of spray based coatings made from epoxy resins that create a durable, textured and non-skid finish, available that are perfect for adding traction to otherwise slippery surfaces.

Restore Finishes To Worn Metal:

There are many metal features within a home that are widely used, often several times each day. These features and fixtures include door handles and knobs, switch plates and cabinet pulls. This wide level of usage, over time, causes the metal’s finish to become worn and dull. A number of metal spray based coatings are available that can be applied to these fixtures to restore the finish of metal features. Once applied, these coatings give the feature the appearance of being brand new.

Spray Paint Home RadiatorRenovate Your Radiators:

Similar to many over metal fittings within a home, over time the paint coating on radiators can become compromised and begin to flake and peel. This is not only extremely unattractive to look at, it also makes a mess on the floor. Spraying not only provides a means of easily and effectively recoating your radiators, it also offers means by which they can be given a facelift at the same time. You can select from an extensive range of different coating colours, and finishing types in order to give you radiator a stunning facelift that also compliments its surroundings. In addition, a number of spray paints are available that are rust resistant and utilise a heat resistant enamel, providing lasting protection for your radiator.

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