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At DC Paint Solutions we are forever on the lookout for ways in which we can expand our product offering in order to meet the needs and requirement of our clients. As a result of this process, we are proud to announce two new additions to our product offering, a dedicated luminous colours spray paint range and a dedicated chrome spray paint range.

In order to give both of these product ranges the attention they deserve, each will be explored separately, in more detail beneath:

Our Luminous Colours Spray Paint Range:

Our range of dedicated Luminous colours spray paint range is comprised of 13 individual spray paints, combined these colours form a vibrant spectrum. The individual colours are as follows, Pantone 801 Luminous Blue, Pantone 802 Luminous Green, Pantone 803 Luminous Yellow, Pantone 804 Luminous Orange, Pantone 805 Luminous Red, Pantone 806 Luminous Pink, Pantone 807 Luminous Purple, RAL 1026 Luminous Yellow, RAL 2005 Luminous Orange, RAL 2007 Luminous Bright Orange, and RAL 3024 Luminous Bright Red. In order to ensure that we provide the best colours that are most suited to your needs, we have selected colours from both the RAL and Pantone colour coding systems.

Bulk Orders Luminous Colours RangeThe range has been created in order to enable us to meet the increasing demand for spray paint colours that are luminous. There are two factors that have contributed to this popularity, they are the growing requirement for these paints in order to safely identify both hazards and problems, and the desire to create business branding that stands out, respectively.

All of the spray paints contained within our range of luminous colours are suitable for both internal and external application. Additionally, as they are spray based paints, they are ideally suited for application on a wide range of surfaces, including but not limited to brick, glass, plastic, metal and wood.

As with some of our other spray paint ranges, those colours contained within our luminous spray paint range offer a number of customisation options. These options, we hope, will better enable our customers to select the optimum paint for their specific application. Therefore we provide our customers with the ability to select three distinct paint types, cellulose, synthetic enamel and acrylic respectively. In addition, we understand that often a specific gloss or matt finish may be required in order to enhance or complete the desired aesthetics on an installation. In order to meet this need, all of the spray paints within our luminous colours range are available in a variety of gloss finishes. Our finishes form a spectrum, comprised of 4 distinct finishes, ranging from a 90% Full Gloss finish, through to a 15% Matt finish.

All of the order options, such as our huge savings on bulk orders and free next day delivery service on orders with a value of over £25.00 apply to our range of Luminous Colour Spray Paints. In addition, all of the spray paints included within this range are equipped with our unique nozzle. Unlike other spray nozzles, our nozzle enables for a spray width of between 2 to 12 inches to be provided, enabling for larger areas to be coated more effectively, for further information click here.

Our Chrome Spray Paint Range:

New Products Chrome Spray PaintsThe second recent addition to our product offering is our range of Chrome Spray Paints. We created this range in order to provide our customers with the ability to access dedicated chrome spray paints. This is due to the massive increase in demand and popularity of this paint in recent years. This popularity can be easily observed in the widespread usage of chrome coatings in applications as diverse as cars, commercial interiors and highstreet shopfronts.

When the products contained within our dedicated range of Chrome Spray Paints are applied to a matt surface they produce a gloss chrome finish effect of exceptional quality. Similar to our range of luminous colour spray paints, all of the products contained within our Chrome Spray Paint Range are suitable for application on a wide range of surface types. These surfaces include, but are not limited to, glass, metal, plastic, wood, fibreglass and brick.

To obtain the best results when applying our Chrome Spray Paints, it is important to ensure that the correct measures are observed in preparing the surface. Therefore, every effort should be taken to ensure that the surface area has been cleaned of any potential contaminants, such as dust, and that any moisture on the surface has been removed. This can be achieved easily using a wet cloth followed by a dry, clean cloth.

As with our range of luminous colours, our additional order options are available on our range of Chrome Spray Paints. This includes our free next day delivery service on orders with a value of over £25.00 to addresses based on the UK Mainland, for more information click here. Furthermore, as with our other ranges, exceptional savings can be enjoyed on the products contained within our range of Chrome Spray Paints when ordered in bulk. This enables for genuine savings to be enjoyed on your project and application, the resources saved can then be reinvested in other core areas. For more information about our savings on bulk orders, click here. Additionally, all our Chrome Spray Paints are equipped with our unique nozzle, for more details of the advantages of this nozzle type, click here.

We would like to make our customers aware of the fact that both of the ranges mentioned in this blog, our Chrome Spray Paint Range and Luminous Colours Spray Paint Range respectively, contain mixed colours. Therefore, results following application may vary. In order to avoid disappointment, please test all of our spray paints prior to application. DC Paint Solutions accept no responsibility for differences in colour following application.

For further information about any of the products contained in either our luminous colours spray paint range or our chrome spray paint range, or to enquire about order options or compatibility, a member of our dedicated customer service team can be contacted by calling: 01908 044876. Alternatively, email enquiries can be sent to us at: [email protected].

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