Pantone FHI TPX RangeOver the last 70 years Pantone has grown substantially, from its humble beginnings as the commercial printing company of M & J Levine Advertising it has grown to become one of the largest developers and suppliers of colour in the world. The scope of the colour outputs from Pantone are such that they have developed a number of dedicated colour coding and identification systems for colours used in a diverse number of specific applications.

This diversification and specification of colour, resulted in the creation of the Pantone FHI colour coding guide. In long form, the system is the Fashion Home and Interiors Colour Guide. Pantone developed the system as they identified that a wide range of colour was being utilised in the textile, fashion, accessories and leather industries, in addition to the ranges designed and developed by those active in interior design and architecture, but there was no unified colour coding system to ease the selection, definition and communication of these colours.

The popularity of the original system, that comprised of some 2100 distinct colours, hues and tones, was such that the brand extended the system and developed splinter systems that covered a greater number of colours and catered to specific surfaces. This process resulted in the creation of the TPX range, which is refers to the “textile paper edition, extended range”. Effective identification of each colour in the system is provided in two means, the first is through a name, the second is through the use of a coding system. The coding system is comprised as follows, two digits, followed by a hyphen, then a further four digits and finally a suffix.

Pantone FHI Colour GuideDue to the overwhelming popularity of the Pantone FHI-TPX range we are proud to announce that we are launching a spray paint range containing the colours within this system. Our new range enables our customers to select any of the colours contained within the system and order it in their desired quantity of 400ml custom filled spray cans. This enables the widespread use and application of these colours on projects, through a spray based application method. This is especially beneficial for larger projects, as our unique nozzle technology makes the spray based application process even quicker. This is due to the fact that our nozzles are adjustable, allowing for a specific spray width to be selected. Typically, the spray width of a spray can is limited to just two inches, however our nozzles enable for a spray width of between 2 and 12 inches to be selected. Having access to a greater spray width is great if you are working on a large area.

As with the other colour systems that we provide custom filled spray paint cans for, orders made on our new Pantone FHI-TPX range offer a number of customisation options. We feel that these options are important as they enable us to provide the specific spray can, in terms of coating finish or the actual paint contained, as required for the project. When it comes to spray paint one size does not fit all and often different attributes are required depending on the visual or practical attributes required.

Therefore, we are proud to offer our customers the ability to choose between three distinct paint types when ordering custom filled Pantone FHI-TPX spray cans for use. Each of these paint types have their own specific physical and aesthetic characteristics, making certain types more appropriate for certain applications than others. The three paint types are, synthetic enamel, cellulose and acrylic respectively.

pantone-fhi-tpx-range-newIn addition to these customisation options, we also offer our customers the ability to select the gloss level of the paint. This enamels for the finish effect that is produced following application to be moderated ensuring the best results for your specific application. Our gloss level customisation options form a spectrum ranging from a full gloss finish all the way through to matt finish.

Two further customisation options are provided, these are UV Protection and a flower scented deodoriser respectively. The UV protection customisation is especially beneficial to those who are applying their coating to an external application or an internal one that is likely to be exposed regularly to sunlight. This is because the UV protection massively reduces the amount of fading that occurs to the coating as a result of bleaching from the sunlight. The flower scented deodoriser customisation, on the other hand, is of specific benefit to those who are applying their coating in an internal environment. The deodoriser creates a pleasant floral smell for the duration of the application and subsequently, preventing the interior from smelling undesirably of paint for an extended period of time.

Following purchase, we strongly advocate that all our customers test their spray paint prior to application on their project. This is due to the fact that all of our spray paint cans contain mixed paint, and as result, the colour can vary slightly. Therefore to avoid disappointment test prior to application.

Pantone Colours FHI TPX RangeAs with all of our orders, those made from our Pantone FHI-TPX range with a value of over £25.00 qualify for our free next day delivery service. Please note this service only includes addresses on the UK mainland, in addition, all orders received after 3pm will be processed the next day. Orders with a value of less than this are still able to take advantage of this service, for a fixed fee, for further information click here.

We endeavour to provide our customers with the best possible value on all products, due to this all our product range is competitively priced. However even greater financial value can be obtained by purchasing our spray cans in bulk. To demonstrate orders of between ten and forty nine units have an individual unit price of £9.99, whilst orders of 1000 or more units have an individual unit price of jus £5.99!

For further information about our new Pantone FHI-TPX spray paint range, or to enquire about our customisation options or free next day delivery service, a member of our dedicated customer service team can be contacted by calling: 01908 272 855.

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