In recent years spraying has enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity. What used to be the medium of choice for street and graffiti artists has now become one of the most popular coating methods for a wide range of applications including everything from commercial exteriors to domestic interiors and furniture. But what can this increased popularity be attributed to? What is it about spraying that makes it so appealing for coating projects?

DC Paint Solutions Unique Nozzle Save Money On Hiring Spray MachineThe increased popularity of spraying can be attributed to four core reasons:

  • Speed of application: Due to the ease with which spray paint can be applied to a surface, simply hold down the nozzle and apply in steady sideways strokes, a surface, whether it be a wall, a car’s bodywork or a chair, can be coated in a matter of minutes. This is substantially quicker than other, traditional methods of paint application such as brushing or rollers. People are choosing spraying over other methods due to the amount of time it saves, enabling for projects to be completed quicker than previously possible.
  • Cost: Spray paint is an inexpensive means of achieving an effective new coating. The reason for this is that the only cost is that of purchasing the required number of spray cans required to complete the coating. With spray paint cans costing as little as just £7.99 per unit, it provides a cost effective alternative to conventional paint application methods that not only have the overheads associated with paint acquisition, but also the associated equipment required to apply it, such as brushes, palates and rollers.
  • Diversity of coatings: The spectrum of coatings available for spray based application is limitless. Not only is spray paint available in conventional colours, such as those contained in the leading colour coding systems such as the RAL or the British Standard systems, it is also available in a number of contemporary coating types. These include spray based paints that contain metal in order to achieve a metallic coating that is truly authentic. In addition, for those who know what colour they require but cannot articulate it, the majority of spray paint retailers provide an exact paint match service. This means that you can complete your project without compromising on your desired colour.
  • Quality of coating: Spray paint differs from other paint types, this is because the coating actually bonds to the surface which it is applied. This Unique Nozzle DC Paint Solutions Save Money Hiring Spray Machinenot only means that a superior coating is achieved from an aesthetic perspective, it also means that the coating will provide greater levels of durability and protection to the substrate.

However, when embarking on larger, more time intensive coating projects all too often we see people selecting dedicated spraying machines. Whilst it is true that these machines can be effectively utilised to achieve a high quality coating with minimum time expense, they are often hired for a large financial cost.

Here at DC Paint Solutions, we offer our customers a cost effective alternative to hiring spraying machines for their recoating projects. Our alternative is our dedicated adjustable nozzle, which is fitted to all of our spray paint cans. Over our years of operation we have created our unique nozzle that enables those who use our products to adjust the width of the spray during application. Our adjustable nozzle facilitates a spray width between 2 and 12 inches. This adjustability is perfect for utilising our spray cans on larger projects and applications. We designed this nozzle because we believe that when a project requires a large area to be covered bigger is better.

Save Money On Hiring Spray Machine DC Paint Solutions Unique NozzleTherefore, our specialist paint technicians, with over 25 years industry experience, created our unique nozzle to provide customers with greater levels of freedom on their applications. The result is that with this nozzle, our customers have complete freedom and control over the application of paint onto their project as opposed to being limited to a spray width of just two inches or having to hire a dedicated spraying machine.

Our adjustable nozzle does not simply enable for larger areas to be coated quickly and efficiently, it also enables for the application of paint to be customised as required throughout the project. To demonstrate, whilst large flat wall areas can take advantage of a wider spray width, when it comes to smaller areas, such as corners, the spray width can be streamlined to ensure a consistent coating throughout.

When using our customisable nozzle for the first time, our customers are often surprised by the fact that the wider coat of paint does not result in a compromised or inferior finish quality. This is because, irrespective of the specific spray width selected, our nozzle provides a coating that is even, resulting in a uniformed finish.

Whilst the substrate to which you apply our paint may vary throughout your project, the quality of the finish will not. This is because our paint coatings are equally suited for application on wood, concrete, metal or plastic, simply select the optimum spray width and apply.

Nozzle Unique DC Paint Solutions Save Money Hiring Spray MachineThe savings which can be enjoyed through utilising spray paint cans fitted with our unique nozzle are twofold. The first is that the purchase of our cans is substantially cheaper than hiring a dedicated spraying machine for the duration of your project. The second is that by effectively utilising our nozzles, the time spent on a lengthy project or assignment can be drastically reduced, in turn increasing the overall cost efficiency of the project.

Our unique nozzle offers our customers with the optimum blend of speed and excellence providing the ultimate in spray paint productivity and quality. We offer our unique nozzle on all orders, enabling you to select the optimum colour for your project, we offer all of the colours contained within the leading colour coding systems, including the BS and RAL systems. In addition, we offer a colour matching service, ensuring there is zero compromise on your required coating.

For further information about our unique spray paint nozzles, or to enquire about specific spray widths and application options, a member of our dedicated customer service can be contacted by calling: 01908 272 855. Alternatively, email enquiries can be sent to our team at: [email protected].

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