In 2014 Pantone, arguably the world’s leading paint authority, celebrated their 50th birthday! During their half decade of producing iconic and dynamic colour tones Pantone have gained and maintained their dominance by paying close attention to cultural shifts. This may sound odd, how does colour affect cultural expression? Well Pantone argue that colour has always had a central role in providing cultures with a means of expressing the zeitgeist. To demonstrate, the economic recession which occurred in the 1970’s was expressed through popular colour selections by the rise of earthy tones, whilst the economic revival which occurred during the 1980’s was heralded through the return of vibrant colours.

But how has Pantone managed to remain a pioneer in the provision of colours, tones and shades which are both appealing and culturally relevant? Well each year the “Pantone Color Institute” collectively select the colour of the year. In 2013, the colour victorious was Emerald, due to its qualities of balance, harmony, healing and unity. But how does the Institute select the colour of the year? According to Pantone their experts scour the earth looking for the colour influences which best reflect the sentiment of that year. In order to do that, cultural sources, which range from politics and the economy to fashion and technology, are considered.

But is colour that important? The short answer is yes, believe it or not colour has a huge impact on us emotionally and shapes how we form opinions. For businesses operating in increasingly competitive markets this is an incredibly important factor, ultimately affecting its chances of success and failure. Sound extreme? Not really. Psychological studies have demonstrated that colour influences between 50% and 85% of all consumer decisions. Therefore it may be time to reconsider your own colour preferences for your brand and what they say about you. Collected beneath are the current most popular branding colours and what they represent.

  • Grey: timeless and sleek
  • Yellow: optimistic and innovative
  • Red: bold and passionate
  • Black: dramatic and sophisticated
  • Blue: trustworthy and secure

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