Corrugated steel sheeting has become exceedingly popular for use as a construction material on industrial buildings. This popularity can be attributed to it being a cheap yet extremely durable material. However over time and being exposed to everything which the elements can throw at it areas of the sheeting can become damaged, suffering from ailments such as cut edge corrosion.

Small Scale Industrial Repairs Using Spray PaintIf such damage is not effectively treated quickly, then it can spread from small isolated areas to the entirety of the sheeting. When this occurs the sheet becomes compromised and requires replacing, which is costly both in financial terms and also the time required to undertake such restoration work.

There is a cost effective alternative, however in order to be effective it is important to identify areas of damage and sections where the corrugated steel has become compromised. This alternative comes in the form of spray paint. Often when damage occurs in industrial buildings, especially in the case of corrugated steel sheeting, it is because the coating has peeled away or become compromised. The occurrence of this is often unavoidable and can often be attributed to changing temperatures causes the sheeting to expand and contract, forcing the coating to be breached.

Spray paint can be utilised in the occurrence of such breaches as when applied to a correctly prepared surface the paint bonds to the metal. Once applied the spray paint forms a durable barrier which then protects the underlying metal from further damage and corrosion. When selecting spray paint to perform this function it is advisable to select a paint which has been specifically designed for use with PVC coated metal cladding. This paint type has the additional benefit of being corrosion resistant providing effective protection for the underlying metal.

Utilising spray paint to conduct small scale industrial repairs has a number of benefits when compared with other measures. Primarily the purchase of paint and the time taken to apply it to the surface is substantially cheaper than purchasing replacement sheeting and hiring the services of a company to fit it. A second advantage is that due to the popularity of spray paint, especially those suitable for use with PVC coated metal cladding, there are a diverse spectrum of colours available, enabling you to select a colour which matches your current branding or desired appearance.

DC Paint Solutions provide a vast range of custom filled spray paint cans, with our colour matching service we are able to provide spray paint cans of any colour you desire. For further information, a member of our customer service team can be contacted by calling 01908 272 855.

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