There’s no hiding it – DIY is a massive hobby in the UK and enjoyed by more than 200,000 people every year. However, spray painting has become a growing past time, with more and more people wanting to find cheap spray paint products to use on their part time projects.

If you’re looking for spray-painting products, whether it be for cars, wood or even metal – then you’re going to love this brief discussion on the products that are available.

Spray Paint Products for Every Industry

The list of so-called “industries” out there really is endless.

It seems that there are more and more industries being created every day, which means that there are more and more aerosols available to keep us entertained when it comes to spray painting and DIY.

Just a small selection of the spray paints that we are going to talk about in this post include:

  • Car Spray Paints
  • Chrome Spray Paints
  • General Spray Paint
  • Lacquer Sprays Paints
  • British Standard Paints

Automotive Spray Paints and Decorative Aerosols

It’s fair to assume that most people looking for car spray paints generally need to refurbish a small dent or scratch. It’s highly unlikely that they’re looking to re-spray the car, as a simple spray paint car is going to struggle (unless you have a lot of aerosols available).

If that’s what you need, then your best bet would be to contact a local car garage that specialises in MOT testing or vehicle repairs. If they’re unable to complete the works, then I’m certain that they will be able to point you in the right direction towards someone who can.

Automotive spray paints can be used for hobbies and for general repairs to most vehicles. However, if you’re attempting to cover up and small scratch, you may want to make sure that the paint being used has been recommended by the manufacturer.

View our range of car spray paints here.

Decorative Spray Paints and Aerosols

We’ll be honest – decorative spray paints aren’t usually in demand until the festive period. This is simply because a lot of families with younger children enjoy creating crafts at home or for school assignments.

One of the most common decorative spray aerosols is the chrome spray paint.

Not only are these great for crafts at home, but also brilliant for anyone who enjoys regenerating what others may consider old items. Products such as candleholders, vases and even stationary holsters are often upcycled by DIY pro’s and resold.

Find Yourself a General Spray Paint Supplier

As we mentioned earlier in this post – there are a range of spray paints out there that are suitable for a number of uses. However, you can’t simply purchase a spray off the shelf and expect it to work on every material.

For example, if you’re planning to spray paint wood – you will need a spray paint that is durable, easily applied and suitable for wooden products such as fencing and smaller domestic products.

General spray aerosols can be brought from as little as £3.99!

Lacquer Aerosols – What Are They?

Good question.

Another good question to ask is do you need a lacquer spray paint for your DIY project? Well let’s discuss what a lacquer aerosol actually does.

Lacquer, in spray form – is generally used to create depth with a highly durable gloss effect. So if you’re planning to spray paint a metal product, the use of a lacquer wouldn’t be unheard of.

British Standard Paints

Any DIY enthusiast wants to be able to source good quality paint – whether that be for spray painting or through traditional brush application.

British standard paint is of an exceptional quality and can be mixed entirely for your project. In most scenarios, whether you need a matt finish or gloss effect, custom colour mixing can achieve exactly that.

Most British Standard paint is abbreviated to BS XXXX, meaning “British Standard – Product Number*”.

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