As we mentioned on one of our recent posts, spray painting is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. Banksy’s recent mural at a school in Bristol has certainly encouraged a number of people to take up the artistic hobby. This week’s article will cover 3 keys benefits of spray painting and how it can improve your businesses exterior.

Why Consider Spray Painting?

There are many benefits to spray painting for businesses. The majority of business owners consider an on site spraying company to assist with their building management for the following reasons.

Ease of Application

Spray painting, whether it be for residential or industrial purposes is incredibly easy to apply. For this reason, a lot of companies will employ the services of an on site coating contractor to provide a complete respray of their buildings panels.

For industrial use, spray painting is usually completed for store fronts and those that require an appealing POS or “Point of Sale”. The coatings are applied using a high powered spraying machine that coats the surfaces evenly without air bubbles.


Now spray painting is considered a lot cheaper than traditional hand painted maintenance. This is largely due to the labour required. Spray painting, the work required is minimal. The spraying machine, takes a lot of the work and covers an entire surface a lot quicker, saving you time, moving around site, avoiding areas that have already been covered.

The time taken to coat an area has an enormous impact on spend. The longer you take to complete a job, the more you would expect to be paid. Correct? That approach is exactly how painting works. Trust us – using a spray painting specialist will save you a lot of money.


We have all been there. Decorating the house on the bank holiday weekend, paint splatters everywhere and the 3 month old sofa, now destroyed.

Spray painting removes the dangers of traditional hand painting, removing the chances of paint splattering all over the workspace. Spray painting machines coat the areas at a pace and level that is even, clean and extremely easy.

If you are considering coating your building, domestic or industrial, consider the use of an on site spray painting organisation. It will say you £££’s!

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