The anonymous street artist “Banksy” has left a school in Bristol with a surprise mural, dedicated to the young pupils of the primary school. The present is designed to promote motivation amongst the pupils. This weeks article is dedicated to the Banksy spray paint mural in Bristol.

Banksy Surprises School in Bristol

Arguably the most famous “vandal” designed and spray painted a motivational and inspirational mural on the side of Bridge Farm Primary School in Bristol.

As the students were arriving back from their half term breaks, the school caretaker found the Banksy original, along with a personal note from the allusive artist.

Since the staff members discovered the spray painted piece, a Banksy spokesperson has been able to confirm that the artwork is genuine and was completed by Banksy. Each Banksy original is completed by using a selection of quality, hand selected custom colour spray paints, creating a unique and inspiration piece of artwork.

Banksy’s work has proven to add immense value to any property that contains one of his original pieces. There was a public house that had a number of dilapidations, containing an original Banksy piece that sold for nearly twice the original market value.

The head teacher of the school was quick to ensure that the school would not be sold. Instead the schools governors and staff members intend to preserve the gift and ensure it provide students with inspiration and motivation for years to come.

Colour spray painting is becoming an increasingly popular hobby and form of art. Naturally there are some people that disagree and prefer artwork to be completed on a canvas instead of public buildings. However, Banksy’s spray paint work has proven to add value and character to properties and cities.

Specific Coloured Spray Paints

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