A lot of petrol heads welcome the opportunity to get their hands dirty and carry out basic or even challenging repairs on their cars. This week’s article will cover 5 fender bender car repair offenders that have tried to get their vehicles fixed “on the cheap” and avoided taking their cars to a recognisable automotive body repair garage.

Why Professional Car Repairs are Important

To most people, getting a car repaired doesn’t require a second thought. Unless you know exactly what you are doing, chances are, you will take your vehicle to a garage for a car body repair Milton Keynes.

Ensuring that you get your car repaired professionally certainly has its benefits, both financially and from a health and safety perspective. When you get your vehicle repaired by a local professional, more often than not, you will receive some form of guarantee. So if anything goes wrong after the repair, you have something to fall back on without spending more money.

If you are convinced that your old school mate “Steve” can repair everything for you on the cheap, avoid it. Unless your friend is fully qualified and knows exactly what they are doing – there is always a chance that further damage could crop up, costing you more money when it’s all done wrong.

Most of the time though, if you have a simple scuff or scratch, you may be able to complete the repair yourself. Do a little research and find out exactly what car spray paint you need and complete the car body repair yourself.

5 Car Accident Repair Nightmares!

Unfortunately, there will always be one genius that is convinced that he was an award winning car mechanic in a previous life. As promised, this article exposes some of the most horrific and extremely dangerous car repair nightmares!

Images Sources: automechanicschools.net

Jeep Deckchair Repair
After this guy decided to change things up in his Jeep, the introduction of a fold away deckchair was obviously the best option…


Car Wiper Repair Fail
Now obviously a kitchen sponge was the perfect solution to a busted wiper blade!


VW Wheel Repair
Please, please, please. Never be this silly. This fool decided that welding a trolley wheel was perfectly acceptable.


Car Tyre Repair
It goes without saying, always check the size of your wheel before you get them replaced! What a fool!


Car Door Lock Repair
Not too sure if this is genius or simply stupid. Although incredibly awful, kudos for thinking on their feet!
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