As a supplier of quality custom spray paints we receive regular enquiries asking for advice on certain DIY tasks, something that is never a problem. Recently we were asked how to touch up car paint. In this week’s article we will discuss the touch up process and provide you with some quality products that could help you along the way.

Prepare for Refurbishment

As with any DIY task, whether it be putting up a shelf or completing a touch up on a car, preparation is everything and unfortunately, if you get the preparation wrong then you are going to be in for a long ride during your project.

It’s good to do your research. There is no point in simply finding a car touch up spray paint that is “close” to what you need. There are numerous companies out there who are able to supply quality car spray paints and aerosols who will even colour match at no extra charge. Take us for example. We provide a number of RAL spray paints and a full range of Pantone aerosols, all with complete colour matches available.

Now that you have the correct paint ordered and delivered we can look at how to touch up car paint in greater detail.

Learn How To Touch Up Car Paint

Before you start to make any adjustments and begin a car body repair be sure to remove any rust spots. Failing to do so could result in a bad finish and further damage your car.

If there are some rough spots – carefully sand down the area until it is smooth. This will help you when you come to applying the touch up paint. Now that you have removed the rust spots and smoothed out any rough spots you will want to wash the area and thoroughly dry it.

Now that you are currently learning how to touch up car paint – don’t get carried away. You will need to use a primer before you can apply the paint. It’s best to use a very small brush for this.

Once the primer has been applied you can begin to mix the car touch up paint and prepare to apply it to the vehicle. Working inward from the edges of the body, cover the entire affected area and apply the paint gently and consistently across the car. There should be an even coating across the car – if this is the case, wait several days for the paint to completely dry.

Congratulations! You have just learnt how to touch up car paint. If you need any specific colours for your project, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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