The holidays are coming, and Christmas will quickly be upon us, so it’s time to get your festive spirits raised and get into the Christmas mood.

You can use these 3 spray paint uses for Christmas to help you with your festive tasks. What better way to start enjoying Christmas then by getting your creative zones activated.

Options for You to Consider

Kids love Christmas, mess and being dirty. What better way to get your children engaged? Enjoy some of our safe coloured spray paints by RAL and help your kids create some great designs and pictures for the rest of the family. Be sure to use the spray cans for them though as they can be tricky to handle.

Spray paints do not have to be limited to artwork. You can create some great Christmas designs with snow effect sprays. These are best used on glass and can create a festive environment – perfect for Christmas parties and festive occasions.

You can use DC Paint Solutions range of RAL aerosols to spray vehicles too. Charities and community groups will usually run fundraisers to help raise awareness and money for charitable causes. In some cases, they use floats and have them passing through small towns and villages. Our spray paints are perfect for decorating them without too much mess and/or disruption.

In every home, there is a set of emergency chairs. These are a specialised range of furniture only ever found at Christmas parties. As the chairs are neglected for 90% of the year, they can sometimes develop rust, especially if they are metal.

Use quality aerosols to prepare and re-coat the rusted areas so your guests can sit in comfort and not worry too much about the quality of the chair that they are occupying.

I hope you have enjoyed this light hearted article. If you have any other uses for spray paints during the holiday season – be sure to let us know and get in touch via our social media channels too.

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