Over the years, our furniture naturally deteriorates. Now 9/10 of us will probably just accept this and progress to hunting around various furniture stores looking for a new dining table. However, there are other options available to you. Just because your table doesn’t look great anymore, doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to spend the best part of £500 getting a new one. Have you considered spraying your beloved items? It is a great way to transform your old items and bring them back to life. Our guys at DC Paint Solutions have a huge selection of products available and can help you decide when to spray paint furniture.

Now before you get yourself carried away, please don’t be tempted to simply grab the first can you like the look of and start spraying at free will. One, it will look terrible and two, it’s probably not the best colour for your furniture.

So when do I spray paint my furniture?

Different people will have different preferences. This is natural. However, the best time to start spraying your items is when you start to notice significant scratches and sections of paint peeling away from the surface. In all seriousness, you probably won’t have to consider spray painting your furniture until at least 10-years after you have purchased it. Most reputable furniture stores will also offer you a long lasting guarantee so make sure that you claim if you are covered. After all, it’s what it is there for!

If you are going to spray paint the furniture contact a RAL Aerosol supplier. RAL is the most popular form of paint colour matching and companies such as DC Paint Solutions will often complete this free of charge for you. Please, please, please make sure that you colour match your items before you paint them. I once knew a business owner that specialised in trailer training in Milton Keynes and he wanted to spray paint one of his training vehicles. Unfortunately for him, he purchased what he assumed was the correct colour. It was soon realised that the colour was not its match and he had to pay for a full commercial respray.

In other instances, spray painting has been a popular addition for some construction and trade workers after project has been completed. We have been contacted by Plumbers in Milton Keynes to help colour match materials when creating service panels for installations.

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