You may have a scratch, a small scuff or you might just fancy refurbishing your car alloys to make them look more appealing. It is not uncommon for car fanatics to work on the appearance of their cars so the next time you want to spray paint your car alloys, check out this brief guide on what spray paint to use on alloy wheels.

Naturally, finding a good source of automotive aerosols can be tricky. Fortunately, we have a wide range of custom colour aerosols and car spray paints in stock for your project, no matter how big or small.

If you are planning on painting your alloys, there are a couple of items that you are going to need, and specifically certain types of paints. These include Primers, Spray Paints and Lacquers.

To find out what spray paint to use on alloy wheels you will need to know the colour that is currently applied to the wheel. Simply spraying any old paint or colour will not work and will make the vehicle look slightly strange. A good way to find out this information is to contact the car manufacturer directly and request the information. If that fails, you could take a look in the vehicle handbook, this often provides drivers with a lot of useful information based on their cars.

If all else fails and you are struggling to find the colour, contact a car body repair shop in Milton Keynes or your chosen area. Their technicians will be able to take a sample of the existing paint and match it, providing you with a specific colour code.

Primers are used to prepare the area before painting and this is very important when learning what spray paint to use on alloy wheels. They ensure that the paint remains durable once applied and will give your alloys additional protection in the long term.

Lacquers are applied to prevent corrosion on the metal sheets on the car. These lacquers are usually applied once the painting has been completed.

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