The spray painting industry has a habit of producing a lot of DIY professionals. They enjoy completing tasks that involve spray paints as hobbies and can be hugely beneficial. A lot of people rely solely on the information provided to them by professional distributors, manufacturers and professional painters. This week we discuss the most popular spray paint FAQ’s.

How do I spray paint hard to reach areas?

As with any spray painting project, the difficult areas are a nightmare to reach. We appreciate that each task is bespoke to the environment that you are working in.

There are a number of application accessories that are available to help you reach these areas. For example Krylon provide an additional tip that allows you to access these areas and reach your coverage areas.

How to Spray Paint Evenly?

This is arguably one of the most popular questions that we get asked. Spray painting evenly isn’t that difficult when you know how to do it.

Before you start any painting procedure you should make sure that you shake your custom spray paint can well for at least two minutes. Now that you have prepared the paint for use, you can test the can on an old rag or piece of paper to ensure it applies correctly. Hold the can the correct distance from the area you wish to spray paint and apply the paint. You will need to add between 6 and 8 even coats to ensure it is uniform.

How long to wait in between coats?

This is a little trickier as each ral spray paint is different. We would recommend that you read the application and coating instructions that can be found on the rear of the can.

In most circumstances you should wait between 24 and 36 hours. This allows the paint for than enough time to dry out completely.

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