When it comes to glass paint, there are many colours and types of paint, but the question is, what spray paint is the best for glass? What spray paint really caters to your artsy needs?

What type of glass spray paints are there?

There are a number of spray paints that can be used to get different types of effects and finishes, depending on your requirements.

Frosted spray paint

This spray paint is wonderfully decorative yet functional, if your purpose is to solely have fun, spray paint and spray paint some more till your heart’s content, then this might work for you. It adds an opaque look to the glass and gives a smooth finish. Perfect for Christmas- as it also looks slightly white – or if you just feel like spray painting. Or if you’re leaning more towards a functional approach then – again- this one is for you! It reduces the glare and adds more privacy to windows, with a bit of effort this could potentially look amazing.

Glitter spray paint

Are you ready to shine? Well if you are we can help you out! If you’re looking to add a bit of panache to any of your projects, then look no further. There is a wide selection of glittery spray paints out there just for you. To ensure quality, look for the spray paint that applies coverage with a minimum amount of layers. This type of spray paint is suitable for any occasion if you’re walking the red carpet. Grab a glitter spray paint, or if you’re simply spray painting anything to create something beautiful then spray on! There are no limits.

Metallic spray paint

Fortunately, the glitz doesn’t end there! Not a glitter or frosted person? Its OK we’ve got you covered. Introducing metallic glass spray paint. If you’re looking for a mirror finish and beautiful looking decoration then you’ve certainly found the one, it dries almost instantly as it is a very thin paint but also dries smoothly, it works better on smooth surfaces, which I believe is one of the main characteristics of glass, so this spray paint was essentially crafted for glass.

Matte or satin finish spray paint

Love the colour but hate the gloss? Then here is the very refined and understated, Matte or satin finish spray paint. This, however, is more of a clear coat, so you can spray it over any type of spray paint to make it fabulous. The matte or satin finish look seems to be on the rise lately so why not join the fun?

What’s our answer?

The metallic spray paint was specially designed for glass, it caters to the surface and just the material in general, but each spray paint has a charm of its own and each can be used for different finishes and effects. So our answer is… It’s up to you! Who are we to restrain your artsy goodness? Grab a can and spray as you like.

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