The benefits of chrome paint is truly endless. Whether you are spray painting a piece of framework, door handle, desk fitting, or pretty much anything, a good quality chrome spray paint will do the job to a very high standard. We will discuss where to use chrome paint and give you a brief guide on how to apply it.

Firstly, it’s important to remember that chrome spray paint is designed to give the effect of chrome, not actually cover an object with a chrome finish. However, no matter what the item is, chrome paint will give you a bright, shiny and extremely professional finish if applied correctly.

You can use this guide to apply your chrome spray paint correctly. Our chrome sprays are extremely popular with DIY car body repairs in Milton Keynes.

How to Use Chrome Paint

Before you start anything, it is very important that you purchase the right primer for your project. For example, if you are planning of refurbishing an old vehicle, you will need a specific car primer, we suggest contacting a professional car body garage for any additional advice that you may need.

Before you spray the area, you will need to clean the area thoroughly with warm soapy water. This helps remove grime and small dirt deposits before painting.

Once you have finished cleaning, you can begin to apply the primer. It is important to read the application instructions on the can or pot, depending on the type of chrome paint that you are planning on using.

Once you have applied your primer, you can begin to add your base coat. Now most of the time when you apply a chrome paint, you will begin by using a dark base coat, usually a jet black or very dark grey.

Let the base coat dry and then you can begin to add your chrome paint. Once again, you will want to read the application instructions thoroughly to avoid making any mistakes.

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