colour match before and after

Adam came to us as he needed some paint for his VW Beetle; he sent us a sample for us to colour match. After a few days, we created the sample match and had this sent out to him. We then discussed methods for him to prime, paint and lacquer his project so he could get a professional finish on his VW Beetle.

Advised Tools To Complete This Project:


As the bodywork was damaged but not so much that it was down to the bare metal, we advised the use of a High Build Primer for Adam’s project. As High Build Primers are not as aggressive as Etch Primers, it is much less likely to react to the existing paint. Etch Primers tend to be formulated from a combination of resins and work by “etching” the metal surface, but are not recommended in these circumstances as using an Etch Primer may interfere with adhesion on later coats. We then arranged the colour match for the VW Beetle, which took us a couple of days to get the precise colour.

Finished Results

As you can see from the pictures in the gallery below, we feel as though we did a pretty good job on the colour match! To seal the base coat colour, we suggested a 2K Lacquer. The work Adam has done so far on his VW Beetle has been stellar, and we cannot wait to see the finished project. Thanks for the opportunity to work on this one with you, Adam!

Images From The Project

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