orange bike renovation

We recently received some delightful pictures from a very happy client who is working on their bike. They wanted to give it a little revamp and what a great job they have done. Read on to find out exactly what our customer did to achieve the perfect finish with our collection of spray paint colours.

Starting the bicycle renovation

Before we started painting, there are a couple of things that needed to be done, which are extremely important as to how well the paint and lacquer will stick to the metalwork on the bicycle. They stripped and sanded down the framework, where there had been a few scratched and deeper holes, a filler was used to smooth and seal any damages.

Once the filler had all dried, they then applied two coats of our high build primer, which gives the perfect smooth base needed for the paint to be applied. Two offset colour paints in acrylic had then been applied to the frame of the bike; an anodized anthracite grey and a RAL 3024 Fluoro paint was given to other parts of the bike.

The paintwork was finally sealed with a gorgeous 2K Gloss lacquer, which not only gave it the perfect glossy look, but it also made the colour pop so much more.

Happy customers

The customer was very happy with the way the bike turned out along with the DC Paint Solutions products they purchased from us. We also offer colour matching services along with advice on what colours best to use, so feel free to get in touch with a dedicated member of the team.

Project Pictures

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