New DC Paint Solutions Premises

We have finally moved into our new premises (don’t worry it’s still the same address). The correct up to date DC Paints Solutions address on our website, with the same location so no need to change anything!

New Phone Number

We also have a new phone number for you to contact us on, with immediate effect. If you need to contact us, please call us on 01908 972 393.

NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH! Diamond Coat 2K Lacquer

We would like to introduce DC Diamond Coat Lacquer; our newest product is a clear coat lacquer with a huge twist. It provides the same protection from our normal range of 2K lacquers but also has a highly reflective coat, similar to a metallic finish. DC Paints get requests regularly to turn a solid colour into a metallic colour. As metallic fleck is predominantly in a metallic silver paint solution, this will not work by just adding it to a solid colour. What we find is the original colour and becomes diluted, and it becomes a balancing act to make the two components marry up. Diamond Coat changes the playing field as it has micro-glass chips in the lacquer, which sparkle upon light reflection. It is used as an overcoat and is completely see-through, meaning you can paint it over whatever colour you like. This is also available in a 2K topcoat and can be added to any painted surface including cars, alloys and callipers.

NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH! Coloured Lacquer Range

We have finally launched our colour lacquer range. This range consists of translucent lacquers, which can be applied directly to most substrates including (untreated) wood, metal, plastic and even in glass paint formulation and 2K Lacquer. We have a core range of colours which are now available on our website. This new product provides a rich colour you can spray over another colour and see the original colour through it. It works especially well with bright colours and light metallic colours. Should you have any questions, please ask, and we can give you more instruction.

NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH! Pearl Coat 2K Lacquer

Another new product in our range is the DC Pearl Coat Lacquer; like the Diamond coat, this product is very versatile and can be added over most painted surfaces. Not only do you get the same level of protection from our normal range of lacquers, but it also provides a Pearlescent coat finish, similar to a metallic Pearl finish. It is used as an overcoat and is completely see-through, meaning you can paint it over whatever colour you like. This is also available in a 2K and can be added to any painted surface including cars, alloys and callipers.

Dry Goods

We will slowly be adding Dry Goods to our list of products in 2020, which will include graded sandpaper, masking tapes, gloves, among other products. These products will be available in smaller quantities, so you don’t need to over-spend on products you won’t use or be stuck with leftover products, which will make it more affordable when estimating your project. Keep your eyes on the website for these changes.

Price Reductions

As some of our clients may already know, the price of paint from all of our UK suppliers went up in January apparently due to the “threats of Brexit”. We, however, have not changed our prices in the last 5 years and we are even reducing a few of the prices on the website to match up to some of our equivalent products. 2K Gloss lacquers will be reduced to £14.99+vat (reduced from £19.99 per can) per can in-line with our 2K paints, and we are also reducing the price of the HD AC Primer Paint to £12.99+vat per can (reduced from £14.99 per can). For volume orders, we are reducing the amount you need to order to obtain better discounts. From now on if you order 30 cans (instead of 50) or more you will get £2.00 discount per can bringing the price to £9.99+vat each.

News and Projects

Finally, we are going to be making some changes to the website and splitting the NEWS Tab and adding a new Tab called PROJECTS. The NEWS tab will provide company updates, discounts and other various product updates. The PROJECTS tab will provide you with photos, painting methods and success stories from ourselves and clients using specific paint, along with steps on how the project was completed. We will also be adding more tutorials and help pages with information relevant to your individual projects.

Ultimately our goal is to provide an environment where our clients have the freedom not only to research their projects, materials needed and successful methods with existing clients, but still have the ability to ask for our help where required. We welcome and value all feedback and suggestions as we look forward to working with you to provide the best online experience possible. Once again, we thank you for your custom!

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