Camo boat on water

Another fabulous job from our client Dennis East! Originally a cream boat, Dennis opted for upgrading his boat to a medium green colour. Different coats of green were then sprayed over leaves to provide an amazing camo effect.

Tools & Paint Required:

To transform his boat, Dennis used the following tools and paint:

How To Repaint A Boat:

If you are interested in repainting your boat just like Dennis did, then here we run through the steps you’ll need to take. This job will be somewhat tedious, but the end result definitely makes it worthwhile!

Firstly, lightly keying the initial fibreglass layer off is essential. To do this, sand down any chips or dents, applying a plastic filler if necessary. Once applied, let the filler dry and sand flat. Start with a 120 grit sandpaper to file off the top layer and then smooth over with a 240 grit sandpaper when you are satisfied with the sanded level, it’s time to move onto the primer.

Apply up to two levels of high build primer and leave to cure between coats for around 40 minutes to an hour. Once these coats have cured, apply the 1K base coat colour (in this case it is British Standards Green paint). Apply between two and four coats until you are satisfied with the paint level. Allow the paint to cure for 40 minutes to an hour between coats.

Once this process is complete and cured, the camouflage tones can be added. Collect a number of different sized leaves and lay them down and spray directly over them. Do this multiple times with varying shades of green. This will provide the camouflage finish.

To seal and protect the paint, in this case, the client went with a 2K Gloss Lacquer to add another level of protection. Due to the amount of water abrasion, impact and scuffs, this will give the paint a much better chance of surviving the tough conditions on the water.

A huge thank you again to Dennis for the fantastic photos; we are blown away with the finish!

Project Pictures

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