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As we continue to work our way through the lockdown, it has been fantastic to see so many of our excellent customers using our products to carry out their own DIY projects. This is a fantastic way not only to stay productive while at home but also allows you to give your property a new lease of life.

In this instance, one of our regular customers, Jordan, opted for upgrading their garage door by respraying the surface. The door was transformed, making it look as good as new. Find out more about Jordan completing this project below!

Tools Required:

All you will need is the following three items:

How To Repaint A Garage Door:

To begin the project, start by thoroughly washing the garage doors to ensure that there is to dirt and debris on the surface. Failing to do this risks your final paintwork being uneven or bumpy due to contaminants caught underneath. Allow it dry then key or lightly sand the surface until it is matte before degreasing the garage doors. Once cured, mask off the surrounding area and apply the HD AC primer paint in left to right passes.

The HD/AC primer paint can be applied without the need for a ground coat and comes alongside a wealth of benefits. Firstly, the paint is equipped with UV as standard meaning that the colour will not fade. Moreover, it has an anti-corrosion element built in, so as long as you treat any rust before application, you will not have to worry about this causing a problem in the future.

Project Pictures

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