There are a number of different professions that need or will benefit from spray paint. You can use spray paint in so many ways, and it can instantly change the look of an item. If you work in an industry where you are constantly needing to change the look of something to meet new trends or to adhere to client requirements spray painting can be a cheaper option then purchasing something brand new. So here we are going to discuss the different professions that can use spray paint.

What are these different professions?

Spray paint is a great way of changing the colour, revamping or making an item or set look more expensive. There are now a number of different of spray paints available, including Pantone colours which offer a range of colours, gloss paints, matt paints and even metallic paints.

Interior designers

Interior designers often have the hard task of meeting their client’s needs, we all know that sometimes clients may have a vision that is similar to something they already have in place. So interior designers have to find ways to make this happen. Spray paint is a great way to add personality and colour to a home. It is also great for those clients that may not have the budget to purchase new items for their home. Interior designers can take a look at different things in the house and change them to meet their client’s desires such as rugs, a range of spray paints are not just used for plastics, metals and woods. You can use spray paint in so many ways if your client has a rug that they would like to get rid of or wish to change the colour or style, spray paint is an excellent way of doing this.

If you are particularly arty, you can create murals to create statement walls. This also isn’t that complicated; you can visit The Stencil Studio who can provide you with a range of different stencils if you’re in need of inspiration you can also check out there amazing designs and where they have used them.

Set designers

A lot of set designers have to create their client’s vision depending on the type of event or genre. A great aspect of spray paint is that once you have painted, it’s easy to change if the client decides they want something different. Additionally, unlike painting a piece of furniture at home, a prop is meant to be durable and withstand heavy use such as being regularly moved. A prop is also more likely to need recoating at some point or repairing due, spray painting is an excellent quick and easy way of doing so and doesn’t cause too much hassle.

Car Garages

Car aerosols are becoming a lot more popular to fix scratches and alloy wheels. A lot of people’s prized possessions are their cars, so its essential that car garages use the best spray paints. Car garages can now colour match vehicle makes to ensure that your paint finish will be perfect.


Spray painting in art class is so much fun but did you know you can also use it in other areas around schools. It can be expensive to have contractors come in and fix the paintwork on the school playground, so why not colour match your paintwork with an aerosol not only will you save a few pound but you can also apply touchups when they are needed rather than waiting.

Bike sheds are a great example of how you can maintain school premises. Often school bikesheds are outside and are exposed to differing weather conditions; this can mean flaking and bubbling of paint. Spray paint can help you stay on top of this, especially as it dries quickly with no fuss.

Recreational groups

Working with young people can sometimes be difficult as you have to ensure they are kept busy and entertained. An excellent way of doing so is to create a graffiti art workshop; there are so many different designs including forming a lego wall, you can encourage kids to design different stories and then get the best to spray paint onto your graffiti wall.

Salons and beauticians

Changing the interiors of your salon can be expensive especially if you’re trying to maintain current trends. So rather than purchasing new furniture including mirrors and tables why not spray paint them. We have written a number of articles on how to spray paint, feel free to click here to find out more.

As well as spray painting furniture have you heard of spray paint nails? There are now a number of brands that offer this type of nail varnish. This could save time off appointments and is also a fun way of painting your client’s nails.

Art galleries

Not only does the art have to look good, but also the interiors of the building. When new art exhibitions come in art galleries often find they have to change the colour of fixtures and fittings to meet the artwork. Podiums, frames and walls can all be painted with spray paint. You simply have to sand them down and use a primer to help create the perfect finish. An excellent example of an art gallery that continually has to change their interiors is Tate modern.


There are a number of different professions that can use spray paint; it can be used in a variety of ways to help create desired looks. A lot of the occupations discussed throughout this article have to meet their client’s needs and requirements, spray paint can often help you do this especially if you have a client that changes their mind frequently. Set designers and interior designers can use spray paints to change the colour and feel of an object; you can make something look more expensive with metallic paints or something old with dark browns and tan coloured paints.

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