As the year comes to a close its time to think about things around the house that need a little work. We always put things off until it becomes a necessity that they are done. So why not start the year fresh by making a list of all the items that need work around the house. Sometimes you might think that things around the home need replacing, but you will be surprised what a little spray paint can achieve. There are also items around the house you may think need replacing for a new and improved version. Here we’re going to discuss how you can improve your home in the New Year.

New Year resolutions

Regardless of what type of resolution you make your end goal is to commit to improving life for the coming year. New Year’s resolutions often become faint memories halfway into January. We are continually making the same goals, committing to the same promises and making the same excuses for not completing them.

We always recommend that if you are going to set yourself a new resolution, then you really think about how much of your time you are willing to commit to it. We always think the best thing to do is creating a list and prioritise. There is nothing worse than starting something and having a job half completed. So by prioritising you might want to get the bigger jobs done first.

We have created a list of why we think New Year’s resolutions are good for the mind:

  • Establishing goals
  • Goal means clarity
  • Goals give us meaning
  • Something to work towards
  • They make us feel good
  • They allow us to progress
  • We feel like we have achieved something by the time Christmas comes around

What can I revamp?

A lot of people are unaware of precisely what you can either DIY or revamp with a little spray paint. Often people assume that they merely need replacing and more money has to be spent then is actually necessary. We’re going to discuss a few items we can recycle in and around the home.

Upholstery chairs

Many people don’t realise that you can spray paint upholstery, it’s a great way to spruce up your living room or dining room chairs without having to replace them. Replacing these furniture items can sometimes be expensive and you’re not always sure on what style to go for. By revamping a chair or sofa, you can inject new colour into potentially dull or plain looking rooms.

You might want to make a centrepiece but your not quite sure how to? Well if you are a fan of flowers a great way to preserve them is to hit them with a little spray paint. To keep the floral colours, you can go for, pinks, whites and indigos. You can also add natural elements such as twigs and pinecones spraying these with metallic paints makes them look a lot more luxurious and as though you purchased them from a store.

Yes, you can spray carpet, who knew! If you have a rug that you would like to revamp then why not, it may no longer go with your interiors. Adding strips or a pattern can lift your room instantly. If you would like to know how to create spray painting stencils we recommend that you check out this Instructables article. It gives you a step-by-step guide on how to make them and what you might need.

Want to makeover your kitchen and can’t quite afford it? Don’t worry there are many things you can spray paint in your kitchen. Grab yourself a stainless steel spray paint and apply to kitchen appliances, such as your refrigerator. You will want to get yourself a spray paint that has a water-based resign in liquid form. It will provide you with a brushed stainless steel look that is durable but also looks as though you have purchased an entirely new kitchen.

Your children might have toys lying around that they no longer use but still love. You can create gorgeous toy garlands to hand around their bedroom by spray-painting figurines or toy dinosaurs. Hand them on a piece of string or ribbon to add colour and fun to their room. This is also a great idea for party decorations.

How to use spray paint

Before spray painting your item if possible always try and sand it down. Remove any lumps and bumps, once you have spray painted this might become more obvious. Always read the instructions on the back of the can, this will give you valuable information. We always recommend that you sweep and don’t point the paint spray directly on the item. To achieve an even coat, you will need to ensure you are moving the spray of the can I a sweeping motion. Make sure that you test the spray of the can on something before going ahead with spraying your object. You never know there might be something wrong with the way the can sprays. Always use a large cloth, this will help prevent spray from getting stuck to the floor. Don’t set up on the floor, set it up somewhere high, so you are not hunched over for long periods of time.

We would also like to add that you should always stay safe when using spray paint. Wear appropriate clothing that you won’t be unhappy if a little paint gets onto it. A respirator is there to protect you from breathing in any paint fumes and should most definitely be worn at all times while spraying; you can purchase them from Tool Station.


New year is a great time to get your life in check and create goals to complete in and around your home. There are a number of things you can do to revamp old items and spruce up your living spaces. Don’t be afraid to inject pops of colour and introduce new and quirky ideas. The good thing about spray paint is that if it goes wrong the first time you can simply spray over it again. So why not give it a try with British Standard Spray Paints.

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