Pantone is one of the leading suppliers of Pantone aerosol spray paint, which can be used in a variety of settings and can be applied different ways. A number of various industries use Pantone regularly including textiles, home interiors and fashion. The reason for these sectors loving Pantone is, as a brand they are continuously coming up with new colours, tones and textures. The best part about Pantone is that they always release a colour of the year. This colour is chosen based on the most recent trends within these industries.

What Pantone have to offer

Pantone offers a colour matching service that allows you to ask for the exact colour you would like. They use a standardised colour system that enables the paint to be used for accurate colour matching. They offer a rather vast array of colours and more often than not the colour you are looking for is already in production so you can search for them on most Pantone stockists. Colours can be found in gloss, satin or matt finishes and can be used for either spray painting large areas or a simple touch up work.

Fashion and textiles industry

Pantone has been working closely with the fashion and textiles industries for almost over thirty years. Pantone work in around 75 countries and a significant amount of stockists available to you so can be found virtually anywhere. If you are making large amounts of clothing or products, Pantone can communicate the colour across the globe, so you know there will be no variation of colour when it is in production.

How Pantone choose their colours

Most of you are aware of New York fashion week, well not only does it set the fashion trends of next years seasons but it also helps Pantone choose its colours. Every season the Pantone team evaluate colours shown by fashion designers, from this they then follow with a fashion colour report were they highlight the top 10 colours. In 2017 Pantone took the step of including London Fashion week in their colour selections.

Pantone always releases their colour reports online and can be found under NY Fashion Week Spring 2018 and London Fashion Week Spring 2018. Each colour has a unique name with a personal description.

2018 colour of the year

The 2018 colour of the year has been decided, and it is gorgeous ultraviolet. The colour was chosen due to what it represents and how times have changed within the fashion industry. Purple tends to convey unconventionality, artistic brilliance, mystical and spiritual quality. Due to purple being so rare in nature it is seen as more of a supernatural colour. It is a unique colour within the fashion industry and lends itself to both men and women. Paired with metallic ultraviolet bursts and becomes even more luxurious as it compliments dazzling golds and silvers. Here at DC Paint Solutions, we believe this colour will soon be used for many interior designs, including deluxe sofa’s, walls and artwork.

How to use Pantone Colour of the year

While we may not recommend colouring all the walls in your interiors this colour, there are a few places you can inject the ultraviolet colour. You can create an accent wall to give you room a whole new look. A piece of existing furniture might just need a little revamp; this can be a full spray over of the item or for example taking a very loved cupboard, removing the knobs and spraying lightly to infuse a touch of violet to your décor. You can also add pops of colour by spraying ornaments that have become old or lifeless, but you wish to keep. The only good thing about spray paint is once next years colour of the year comes out, and you want to implement it into your décor, its only a Pantone colour spray paint can away.

Why is colour so important?

You would be surprised just how much the colour of something influences your decision to purchase it. It’s an essential communication tool amounting to 50 to 85 percent of ideas and product colour decisions. You will want the colour of your products to be right from the get-go, as it will encourage your customers or clients to purchase from you a lot more. Colours send universal messages but also allow you to express yourself in a multitude of ways. Each colour has a significant impact on the way we look at things and the way we feel about them.

Something that you might not know is that some colours can actually save on energy consumption. The lighter the colour of your home the less energy you are loosing, with brighter colours within your home or building light is reflected a lot easier. If you are to choose darker colours, this will often absorb a lot more light meaning you might have to install more lighting. For more information on what colours affect your energy consumption, click here.


We always recommend that if you are a fashion forward member of society, you keep an eye on the colours Pantone release. This usually is twice a year in both fall and spring fashion shows. You can be some of the first people to know about the colour collections and be well informed on what colours will be on trend. Pantone colours can be used on a variety of objects and in different industries, so are perfect for revamping or painting something new.

Colour matching services are perfect for when you have a specific colour in mind. They offer a significant amount of colours and if you are unsure of what colour to pick or need help choosing colours you can discuss this with your nearest stockist. Due to Pantone being widely sold you can find it in a variety of different locations. We would recommend that you ensure you are checking the price and getting value for money. Pantone sprays can also be bought in bulk and made to order for your requirements.

Here at DC Paint Solutions we always look forward to seeing what the colour of the year is. It’s a massive decision for Pantone, facing rigorous testing you know that the colour is going to be both magical and fantastic. So keep an eye out for the colour of the year 2019!

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