From large-scale industrial projects to interior design, spray paint cans have a whole variety of applications. We have hundreds of different colours along with a range of finishes: full gloss, semi gloss, satin and matt. Our colours also come in a selection of different paint types: synthetic enamel, cellulose and acrylic.

Spray paint is often used to restore or re-spray vehicles. Cars and motorbikes can suffer scratches and dents over time but we can perform a specialist colour match for you so you can re-touch those areas in the right shade. Boats are also a casualty of wear and tear due to salt water, sun exposure and general weather conditions.

Spray Can FurnitureWhen it comes to modernising furniture and appliances, re-spraying can be particularly useful as it saves you the cost of having to buy new furniture. You can just re-invent what you already have. Vinyl furniture can be irritating to have to re-upholster, spray paint can be a useful tool to combat that. Old fireplaces can be restored with a few sprays of one of our cans. It has become a popular trend to paint your internal brickwork, which can be awkward to do with a paintbrush or roller because of the surface. With one of our unique spray cans you can quickly and easily cover your bricks due to our nozzles having a reach of between 2-12inches. Office furniture can also be spray painted which is a more cost effective solution than buying brand new filing cabinets.

Windows and doorframes can become worn over time and the colour can become bleached from UV rays. If the frame is wood then the surface can become coarse and untidy. With doorframes, the bottom can end up scuffed due to constant footfall. Re-spraying allows you to re-vamp those areas without the cost of a set of brand new frames. Doors are also features that end up with marks and scrapes and if the style of the door goes out of fashion, it can be costly to replace. Spray painting means you can provide a dual-purpose fix.

Garden centres, parks and other outdoor spaces are areas that have to be regularly maintained. Weather conditions can cause colours to fade and wear away leaving a potentially impressive bench or feature looking old and dull. Spray painting can revive anything from ceramic ornaments to wicker chairs. You can even paint gates and fences with it.

Spray paint is great for restoring metals. If you have a set of machines that have lost their shine then a re-spray can quickly change that. Even small items like doorknobs can look great with a coat of paint. Spraying is useful if you have metal chairs and table sets that have really lost their lustre. You can also make a product look more lavish; like using a matt silver to spray your white fridge. Gold spray can be used on features in hotel receptions and restaurants to create a high-calibre look.

Spray Cans InstrumentsInstrument restoration and detailing is a delicate process and requires a real quality of colour. Our range of cans mean a great deal of choice for those bespoke pieces. From drum kits to acoustic guitars, you can spray paint many different instruments. Pianos look amazing with high gloss paint jobs; it gives the instrument a real high class feel.

Murals are a great way to update a dull space and can be created completely with different coloured spray cans. They give such a great effect to your wall art and are easy to use with stencils too. Spray paints also look fantastic on models, particularly when you’re trying to create a particular pattern or design.

There is a whole assortment of uses for spray paint cans and they be used on countless materials and surfaces. For some great vehicle restoration examples and other inspirations please take a look at our Pinterest page. If you have used our products to convert something old into something new we would love to see your before and after pictures. Please tweet us your transformations.

For true quality aerosol spray cans choose DC Paint Solutions.

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