At DC Paint Solutions we are proud of our innovative, unique and bespoke spray cans. We believe in bringing a product of high quality, high performance and high efficiency to our customers. Our product is highly valued by our customers because of its performance abilities. At DC Paint Solutions we take no half measures so your customers will only receive the best.

Our nozzle has the ability to adapt to a range of distances to accommodate your project. Whether you need a close finish of 2 inches or a wider coat of 8 inches you can adjust our nozzle to fit your purposes. Our bespoke spray can nozzle can be adjusted between 2-12inches. You can reduce your labour time by a large amount this way because by spraying from 12 inches you can cover a wider area in a quicker time. This time efficiency means you can take on more work and in turn earn more profit for your business.

Fresh Quality

When you place an order with us, we create your bespoke product on the day of that order. We ensure that every can is fresh instead of providing you with a can that has been sat on a shelf for quite some time. This means our cans do not have an unpleasant separation of chemicals; separation can produce an uneven and unprofessional coat of paint. It also prevents a lower colour quality; cans that have had a long shelf life can loose their lustre.

Colour Matching Service

If you have a particular assignment that requires you to match the colour exactly, we can help. If you send a sample of your colour, we can find the corresponding colour and make you a bespoke can in your required shade. This way you can prevent the risk of purchasing a colour that may not match your project. You also reduce the risk of buying an old spray can that has lost its colour vitality and in turn changed colour slightly.

Variety of Surfaces

Whether you are re-spraying a metal part or restoring PVC, our bespoke spray can can be used for a whole variety of jobs. Wood, plastic, brick, stone, clay, concrete, porcelain, glass; these are just some of the many surfaces our aerosol cans will cover. Our customers are surprising us each day with their new uses for our spray cans.

By investing in our aerosols you invest in the best quality. Your clients will want the best finish and often with cheaper or off-the-shelf products you cannot guarantee the quality. We can guarantee that excellence for your client because our aerosols will display your true level of skill and craftsmanship. Our clients have compared our quality to “Factory finish” and have said our colour “was a 100% perfect colour match”.

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