The RAL Colour system has been around since 1927 and is a reliable and popular source of colour selection due to its application across many industries. This colour collection is especially popular in Europe, becoming a well-known coded system to make colour selection easier. All our cans come with our unique nozzle that enables you to have a reach between 2-12 inches: – suitable for multiple job types. This can increase the efficiency of your task as you can cover a larger area in a quicker time. Our most popular colours include RAL 7016, RAL 9005 and RAL 7015.

RAL 7016RAL 7016

RAL 7016 is anthracite grey and is versatile for a range of projects. Due to its slick colour, the shade is great for home improvement jobs such as garage door modernisation. The same can be said for reviving patio doorframes particularly if you are working on a business establishment that needs to modernise its colour scheme. Anthracite Grey looks effective on hubcaps, giving the car an impressive set of wheels. RAL 7016 also makes an impressive base for helmets; our matt version gives the helmet a clean-cut coat.

RAL 9005

Our RAL jet-black is a popular colour for motorbikes and cars with clients using it to touch up scuffs and scratches. It is also used on appliances to help restore their former glory. If you are looking to re-spray drum sets, guitars and other instruments then jet-black is a first-class choice. Our full gloss RAL 9005 jet-black can revamp a vintage guitar and turn it into a hot new set of strings. This shade looks fantastic on a drum kit and is often a popular shade with rock bands. Another use for the colour is for the maintenance of gym equipment. As the gym machinery is often used, the colour can become worn. Our satin jet-black is an excellent colour for gym equipment as the satin gives a glassy coat.

RAL 7015

The RAL 7015 is a slick slate grey, which is ideal for vehicle touch ups. Slate Grey is a favoured colour for classic cars and sports cars and more recently has become a stylish colour for everyday cars. Our matt slate grey is also great for restoring metal garden features that have had been continually exposed to the elements. The original finish may have worn away over time and could look untidy to visitors of the park, garden centre or other establishment. Our RAL 7015 can help to recover and keep the original tone; we can also include UV protection to prevent bleaching from the sun.

We have a huge range of RAL colours and can offer a colour matching service to ensure you have the right aerosol colour. Each RAL colour has a code and colour tile so you find exactly what you’re looking for. They also come with the option of a deodoriser to reduce the smell of chemical odours. Our RAL colours come in a range of gloss levels and paint types for easy colour selection.

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