We have four types of Spray Paint Gloss Levels to choose from depending on the project you are undertaking: Full Gloss (90%), Semi Gloss (60%), Satin (30%) and Matt (15%). Each one gives a unique finish and are made, bespoke, on the day of order. Start by considering your project; what do you need from your colour? What effect would you like and what kind of finish do you need?

Spray Paint Gloss LevelFor the ultimate shine, try our full gloss, which comes in a range of colours to suit your project. Full gloss is great for vehicle restoration projects as it creates a cool sheen effect, transforming an old car into a young stallion. Whether you’re creating a custom paint job on a classic motorbike or re-spraying a damaged car door; our full gloss creates a sheer finish. High gloss looks fantastic on boats and yachts, whether you’re sailing in the Mediterranean or riding the waves in the Pacific your boat has got to leave an impression. Boats are particularly prone to paint damage to due harsh weather conditions, UV fading and even the salt from the water. Our cans allow you to touch up scratches or even re-paint your whole vessel.

Our semi gloss paint has a softer glean than our full gloss, making it a nice combination of satin and gloss. Semi gloss is particularly good if you want the light to shimmer off your project. Some uses for this gloss include radiators and walls as this gloss levels prevents a high glare from the internal lighting. It is also ideal for garden projects such as spraying fence panels, shed re-painting and for bigger projects like fountain restoration. Semi-gloss is also ideal for touching up and re-painting appliances. It is cost-effective (you don’t have to go out and buy a new cooker) and it looks great.

If you have a design that lacks lustre then our satin spray paint makes an awesome finish for everything from signage to touch up jobs on the front of your house. Satin is also an impressive choice for shop interiors; it can cover shelving, countertops, lights and many other furniture items. Creating a bespoke shop interior is particularly important if you work in the design, re-spray or bodywork industries. Your custom shop design will show your customer just how good you really are.

Matt paint is excellent for creating a high-end quality look to your project. It is ideal for reviving old bicycles; it can convert them from old fashioned, chipped pieces of metal into professional matt black bikes. Many modern cyclists are jumping on the matt bandwagon as the style can literally convert it to the sports car of the cycling arena. Matt paint is also fantastic for model making, especially tanks and armoured vehicles that cannot have a shine effect to their design. You can spray paint a camouflage effect whether it be dessert, forest or any other kind and give the effect of the real thing.

These are just some of the uses for our variety of spray paint gloss levels. Our paints have such an array of uses that they could be used for almost anything. Whether your project is of industrial size or a simple DIY design, we can cater for all needs. If you would like some “how to” tips and advice then we have several articles in our News section to help you get the most out of your paint. So for a custom paint and a custom finish choose DC Paint Solutions; we deliver only the best paint to create the best projects.

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