Many street artists have used their immense talent to convert a derelict space into something completely different. If you are a street artist, or looking to convert a plain wall into a work of art and you’re looking for top quality spray paints; we have a huge range to suit your needs. Our cans are especially suited for large projects like street art because of our bespoke nozzle. You can adapt it to cover small areas with a two-inch nozzle width right up to a 12-inch width for larger areas. We have found some great examples of what you can achieve with the right spray paint and a little determination, which we have shared below.

Street Art Character Hungary
“Character” © Mr Zero

A Stranger

In Eger, Hungary, there is a fantastic Alice In Wonderful style picture known as “character”. It has been spray-painted across what appears to be a derelict wall. The artist is known as Mr Zero and he has created some amazingly eerie street art. This particular one includes bright purples, jet-blacks and bright whites. Our RAL 9005 is a smart jet-black, which is versatile for many street art designs.

Drain Drawing

The artist 6emeia has spray painted many pavements over the top of drains to appear like cartoon characters or items. One of the designs, known as “Cigarro”, looks as though a character has been smoking and is now coughing (with the drain entrance as the mouth).

3D Car

This street art can be found in Valencia, Spain by an artist known as PichiAvo. It is a wall of spray paint designs in lots of different colours with a giant VW Beetle in the centre. It is so cleverly put together that it gives the car a 3D appearance. This seems to be down to the way the bright colours at the back are in a complete contrast with the black of the car.

Following The Ladder

An artist who goes by the name of Bonon has created a brilliant snake climbing up the wall of a building following the zigzagging escape ladder. It’s a really inventive idea and he has managed to do it with just a simple white spray paint.

Mixed Effects

Txemy Skull
© Txemy

In Barcelona, Spain the street artist Txemy spray-painted a multi-coloured skull on a black wall with part of the skull fading away. He has used several different methods of spray painting to create this; there are close-up focused areas, combined with a spray style from further away. We have hundreds of different colours of spray paint available to order and we also offer a colour matching service, so your street art can be a huge variety of shades to give you the exact finish you are looking for.

Breaking Blue

The artist Kode Logic has designed an amazing portrait of the two main characters from Breaking Bad (Walter and Jessie). Their faces are slowly breaking away into crystal blue pieces. The detail is intricate and has been done with vibrant spray paints.

Having A Drink

In Berlin lies the awesome “Straw” design by MentalGassi. A face has been painted onto the side of a building with the drainpipe protruding from the mouth of the portrait. The drainpipe has been painted to appear like a straw into the water below. The portrait has an iridescent quality to it and we can provide a similar effect with some of our spray paint cans

Music Legend

David Gnasher Jimi Hendrix
© David Gnasher

The artist David Gnasher really does have a talent; his re-creation of Jimi Hendrix is fantastic. It appears to be mostly made up of blacks, greys and silvers with only the background having bright colours. Gnasher has really shown what you can do with spray paint when you’re shading.

Paradise Birds

Brazilian street artist L7m uses spray paint to construct futuristic birds in an assortment of colours. He has produced a collection of different birds in different styles and the effect is psychedelic. L7m has used a variety of spray paint methods so that some parts appear soft and others appear more rigid.

Spray Can

In Camden Town the artist known as Irony has spray painted a fantastic mural of a spray paint can producing flames. There is a huge range of colours involved, which creates a more intense effect. If you’re looking for a professional finish like this one, take a look at our quality spray paint cans.


The German street artist 1010 has created what appear to be portals on the sides of buildings. He does this with a range of spray colours with each “portal” being a variety of different shades. This encompasses just what you can achieve with spray paint cans.

Dual Personality

The artist Maldito Juanito has spray painted an image of a boy with half of his face as a dead skull. The design is mostly done in shades of blue and green, which creates a colourful but slightly morbid effect. Our British Standard colour range has some brilliant shades of blue and green for your projects.


Banksy Mario
© Banksy

Bansky produced an entertaining piece of street art where a police officer is confiscating a mushroom from Mario. The colour difference between the police officer (in black and white) and Mario (in his classic colours) is a clever use of colour as it can give the impression of two different “worlds”.


Street artist David Walker has carefully created portraits of women using spray paint. They are a really mix of different colours so they really stand out and create a fantastic effect. He uses a number of greys, silvers and blacks for parts of the portrait that show just how amazing spray paint shading can look.


In Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, Farid Rued has spray painted a colourful Jaguar-like creature entitled “Balam”. Rueda has produced a range of different patterns in bright colours meaning passers by will not easily miss the Jaguar.

Mysterious Woman

In Portland, USA, there is portrait of woman, nearly the full size of a building, slowly walking away. The colours used by the artist (Faith47) make the picture quite ghostly. The shading created by just a few different tones of spray paint is really impressive.

As you can see from above, spray paint is a fantastic tool for your designs. For quality spray paint cans for your project we have a huge range of colours available which can create a huge variety of effects. Contact us for more details.

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