Safety Spray Pint AerosolWhen you run a business that requires the use of spray paint aerosol cans it is important that you stay safe. When handled incorrectly aerosols can be more dangerous than initially thought with elements such as changes in temperature causing accidents. It should be noted that spray paint aerosols are within the highest category of hazard classification for aerosols, so safety precautions are our number one priority. At DC Paint Solutions we want our customers to be able to enjoy our products in a safe manner and so we have complied a guide of safety precautions below.


Aerosols should be kept away from any heat source including sunlight, sparks and fire. We recommend also turning off appliances such as radiators, electric tools and stoves to reduce the risk of igniting. Something as small as a spark from a cigarette could cause an accident so we recommend keeping your aerosols away from any source of ignition.


Ventilation Spray Paint AerosolsThere are a number of chemical vapours contained within aerosols that should not be inhaled. There are several solutions available to enable you undertake your project without any damage to your health. There are many respiratory aids available to protect you from inhaling fumes. These can be purchased from many DIY stores. Ensure you do extensive research into which one is suitable for the task you are undertaking. We also recommend that the room in which you are performing your work be well ventilated. This can be done using installing equipment such as air vents and fan systems or simply by opening a window or working outside.

Exposed surfaces

When you are working, sometimes it can be easy to forget that rags, clothing, worktops and other areas have chemical exposure. Even when cleaned it is important to be aware of the chemicals which sit on your clothes, tools and workspace. When wearing your uniform take care not to stand near a flame or heat source such as the hot sun. Please always remove your overalls before smoking.

Damaged Cans

We strongly advise you do not use damaged cans due to the risk of leakage or compression. Damaged cans could potentially release chemicals, which can be harmful to your health, and compression can cause dangerous levels of pressure in the can. Our cans are carefully delivered so you can be assured of a safe can to do your work with.

Protecting Surfaces

We recommend that you protect any areas that you do not wish to be marked, as spray paint mist can sometimes travel to surrounding surfaces, particularly when working outside. If your project is a thin and porous material, we advise covering the surface underneath in case the product leaks through. Please try to ensure you have a non-slip floor to prevent slips and trips.

Protecting exposed skin

Spray Paint ProtectionRemember to take care of skin, clothes and shoes by wearing the appropriate eyewear, uniform and footwear. If your skin comes in contact with the paint it is always best to wash it off as a precaution. Wearing specialist gloves is the best way to protect your hands.

Disposal of empty cans

At DC Paint Solutions we are committed to the recycling of our empty cans and we encourage our customers to do the same so that we can help towards a greener world. We advise that you do not put your empty cans into refuse compactors due to pressure levels. Please also do not attempt to burn, puncture or incinerate your cans. Please do not attempt to re-fill cans as the chemicals could react inside the aerosol and the pressure could also be affected.

Using concentrated products

When spraying your project we recommend short bursts rather than extended ones. If you are working in a confined space then two or three second bursts are advised.

Storage of aerosol cans

At DC Paint Solutions we provide bespoke cans made to order, we have no need to store them. This means our cans do not lose the colour and quality like a stored spray paint might. Storing aerosol cans, especially inappropriately, can also be dangerous. If you need to store our cans then we advise a cool, secure and well-ventilated space away from human contact. If cans are left in an ordinary environment then the changes in temperature can cause the can to contract and expand which causes stress. We recommend a well-ventilated and spacious storage area to prevent gasses from filling the room. If your storage area is away from your staff and customers then you can be assured that if a problem occurs it will begin within an isolated area; this potentially reduces the risk of accidents.

Fire safety

Fire Safety Spray CansIt is important to note that ignited aerosols can produce a violent surge of flames and can quickly spread to other cans. The use of external chemicals on the outside of the can could also cause a chemical reaction. Please ensure that your spray cans are separated from other chemicals to prevent the shell becoming corroded. It is always best to install a fire safety system in your workshop area as a preventative. We propose a water sprinkler system that enables your workshop to be quickly treated with water. This could potentially save lives whilst the fire service reach you. Storing cans in cardboard cartons has been recommended by some due to the wetting of the cardboard helping to control the blaze.

Additional extras

We can include a deodoriser to reduce the chemical smells. This will enable your workspace to smell fresher and cleaner for your customers. We also have UV protection available, this helps to create a longer lasting finish with the chance of UV damage reduced. To add our extras simply click on either (or both) underneath your preferred paint can.

Controlled nozzle

Our unique nozzle can create a safer atmosphere for your staff and customers as it has a range of 2-12 inch spray capacity. This enables the amount of spray to be reduced if working in a smaller area and therefore a reduction in fumes. It also enables you to reduce the amount of paint that sticks to surfaces and clothing meaning a small job could require little clean up.

Our clients’ safety is second to none and so we hope our guide has been informative. If you have any questions in regards to spray paint application and safety procedures please do not hesitate to contact us. Please be aware that this is merely a short guide to aerosols can usage and that we advise our customers to do more extensive research. We highly recommend that any business or employee who use spray paint aerosol cans undertake full safety training in order to minimise risk.

For high quality aerosols at competitive prices choose DC Paint Solutions.

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