When undertaking a project we know how important it can be to find the correct spray paint colours. Whether you are re-spraying something damaged or creating a brand new design, we can help you to find the spray paint for your project.

If you need to replicate the same colour you have used in the past then our colour matching service enables us to provide you with the exact colour you need to continue your work. Our colour matching process is easy; simply send us a sample of your colour to our Buckinghamshire office. We will then locate the corresponding colour and create a bespoke and fresh spray paint for you.

Why Should I Use DC Paint Solutions For My Spray Paints?

Our nozzle

DC Paint Solutions Unique NozzleOne of the key benefits to using our service is our unique nozzle. Our nozzle can be adapted for use between 2-12 inches meaning a customised spray-painting experience. This way you can create quality focussed areas with the smaller nozzle setting and use the larger settings to reduce production time. You can cover a larger area quickly and efficiently.

Fresh product

Unlike some of our competitors, our spray paint is freshly made to order, our cans are not stored in a warehouse. This means improved paint quality due to the prevention of such elements as separation and colour waning.

Next Day Delivery

If you are within the UK Mainland and have spent over £25 with us then you are entitled to our fantastic free next day delivery.

RAL Colours

RAL Colours ComparedIn 1927 Germany’s economy was recovering and they wanted to standardise and create quality control. The first RAL Colour chart was developed and now contains 200 colours within its basic collection.

RAL colours are particularly popular across Europe and are frequently found within the industries of road safety and construction. They are popular due to their concise standardisation of colour names; this way they are clear to identify and use. They have become a well-known system and are reliable. We have a wide range of RAL colours including many darker shades, which are ideal for industrial projects.

British Standard Colours

British Standard colours enable paints to meet a certain criteria to ensure they are a reliable collection. British Standard does not just apply to paint, it is a system across many industries which ensures quality control. You can be assured that British Standard colours are a trusted brand.

British Standard is a popular range chosen often by the military for their designs. You can see this reflected in some of the colour names like “Dark Camouflage Grey” and “Camouflage Beige”.

There are many colour collections within the British Standard system but we primarily focus on the BS 4800 collection and the 381c collection. The 381c collection are “colours used in identification, coding and special purposes” and the BS 4800 range is used more for safety, contractual and legal requirement purposes. The BS 4800 collection is often seen used on public buildings to reflect the latest styles.

Pantone Colours

Select Your Pantone Colour SchemePantone have 3,000 colours within their collection and so we can provide a colour matching service to help you to find the correct shade. Pantone are also a global paint authority and have 50 years of colour creation experience. They are experts in keeping up with the latest styles across the market. They express cultural changes and popular themes that occur across the world within their colours.

A key benefit to using Pantone colours is that they are fantastic for brand building work. Pantone are often used by graphic designers and artists and are used across digital platforms to create brands and logos. By using pantone colours you can match your physical presence with your digital presence. For instance, company doors and desks can be spray painted with the same shades as the company logo. This way, when clients enter the premises they can see the company brand reflected across every element of the business. You could even spray paint entrance gates and fences.

Natural Colour System

NCS Natural Colour SystemThe Natural Colour System or NCS is a collection designed to be universally understood. The colour coding was carefully constructed to be deciphered across language and cultural barriers making the collection a worldwide apparatus.

The system uses the basic elementary colours: yellow, blue, red, white, green and black. The coding is then constructed through the use of two systems, which are interlinked. Firstly there is the colour circle; this shows the progression of colours through the elementary scale in a series of 10 steps. The second is a colour triangle, which shows the percentage of black and white within the colour. From this you can create a colour code understood by all.

For a custom filled NCS colour, simply enter the colour code you require into our form.

Additional Colours


We can also provide Dulux colour matches; their colour range is ideal for decorative and interior design. There are over 1,200 Dulux colours and they are the leading paint brand for the UK so you can be assured of quality paint in a variety of shades.


If you are in need of a professional cladding colour then our cladding collection could be ideal. With shades such as “Kingspan Anthracite” and “Ruukki RR750 (Tile Red)” you can be assured of a high-calibre finish.

Custom Colours

Our custom colours come in a variety of sizes ready for your project. You can choose from a 50ml pot, a 400ml can and 250ml pot.

Picking Your Finish

Spray Paint For Your ProjectWe have a range of spray paint gloss levels including Full-Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Satin and Matt. Each has a different look and feel and can be adapted for many purposes.

You can also choose from a selection of paint types including cellulose, acrylic and synthetic enamel. This way we can provide a suitable spray paint type ready to create a premium result.

We can also add UV protection and a deodoriser to our spray paint cans. Our deodoriser is one of our most popular additions as it produces a pleasant scent rather than a chemical one.

Still Unsure What Colour You May Need?

Our customer services team are on hand ready to assist you in your colour selection. We have experience with many varieties of project and so we can advise you on appropriate primers and colours. Please do not hesitate to call us on 01908 272 855.

Delivery Options

We want to reward our clients for their commitment to our spray paint cans. We therefore offer discounts on bulk orders. For instance, if you were to purchase 500 cans of “BS 381c – Aircraft Grey 693” the price would reduce from £10.99 to £6.99.

At DC Paint Solutions we know the importance of quality spray paint so you can count on us to provide premium fresh quality spray paint, every time.

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