There are many reasons for decorating the interior of your property. In most cases, you may have recently relocated or you may have even decided to update your home. Either way, this is how you can estimate the cost of painting a house.

So what is your reason?

  • Relocation
  • Internal refurbishment
  • Felt like a change of colour

Whatever reason, we are here to help you prepare, carry out and maintain your home perfectly!

Estimate the Cost of Painting a House in a Few Simple Steps

Many people are put off by the prospect of decorating their own home.

In fact – it’s not all that difficult and by completing it yourself, you’re actually going to save a lot of money for other things such as; new furniture, a family holiday, a deposit on a new car – the list of possibilities really is endless.

In order to get to grips with decorating, there are a couple of things that you need to do first that will put you in a great position to save yourself some wonga!


Give a few local painter and decorators a call and get a quotation. Some may even be able to provide you with an estimate over the phone.

However, in most scenarios, they will probably need to arrange a home visit to measure up and gather the details so that they can price the job up thoroughly.

You may find this a little strange, bearing in mind that you intend on completing the work yourself. Don’t panic! There is method in the madness.

By contacting a local professional you can get an idea of the following:

  • A rough estimate of how much the decoration will cost
  • A good rough representation of the time that it is going to take
  • How may people will be needed
  • What materials that are required to complete the work to a high standard

Do As The Professionals Do – It Helps!

Whether you are applying the paint with a spray paint can or taking a more traditional approach with a brush and bucket – it’s worth seeing how the pros do it.

Watch some YouTube tutorials and ask around for some advice.

There are thousands of DIY forums and chat sites on the internet and 9 out of 10 times, the members are more than willing to hand out for pretty great advice.

… And the best bit? It’s all free!

Now that you know what it is you need to do, it’s worth getting yourself prepared.

Consider getting the following things ready:

  • Paint (Either bucket and brush or coloured RAL aerosols)
  • Protective equipment such as visors, sheets, ventilation masks and gloves
  • Masking tapes and primers
  • Of course – any brushes or aerosols

Put Your New Gear into Action

Now that you have all of the equipment and tools that you need. It’s time to start applying them.

Before you begin painting or applying any chrome spray paints you need to make sure that the area has been covered and any items that you do not intend to paint have been protected.

Use a high quality dust-sheet and masking tape to cover the areas that are not going to be painted.

A good tape to use is the T-Rex tape that has recently gained so many awesome reviews! Its strength and durability will really come in handy.

When you apply the paint – especially if it is a spray. Make sure that you shake the can well before use and apply it to the area using a consistent sweeping motion from side to side.

Other Great Ways to Estimate the Costs of Painting

Of course – the best way to estimate the cost of painting a house is to research absolutely everything that you are going to need and put a running total of items together.

At the early stages – it is so important to not get swept up in the excitement of painting your home. Make sure that you approach the preparation in a clear state of mind, knowing exactly what you want and how you are going to achieve it.

If you have a large home, remember to take accurate measurements of every room that you are going to be decorating.

This helps to reduce the amount of money that you spend on paint supplies.

By knowing exactly what you need, you are far less likely to purchase more than you actually need. This helps with finding the right sized dust-sheets and protective equipment too.

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