If you have ever considered getting your hands dirty and completing a little DIY over a bank holiday weekend, then I am sure that you have considered both standard brush applied paints and aerosol spray cans.

The truth? Both have different application methods, providing different qualities of finish. However, spray can applications have proven to be significantly easier.

You can use these reasons for using a good spray can the next time you are completing some DIY or house renovation.

  • Ease of Use
  • Quality of Finish
  • Range of Product Use

#1 Ease of Use

Now then. We touché don this part briefly in the introduction – However, a spray can if much easier to use and apply if you are a basic DIY fanatic. Now in our opinion, if you have never used a spray can before, then we would advise that you stick to what you know in order to avoid disappointment.

However, if you are happy to risk damaging your items or the items that you intend on spraying are of little importance – then go for it. There is no other way to learn other than getting stuck in.

Overall, spray cans are easy to use, however, if you have never used a spray can before, make sure that you have a few practise goes first. Especially if the item or area that you are decorating is valuable.

#2 Quality of Finish

If you use a better quality or grade of spray can – then the final finish will become much better and look more appealing.

Although, some brushed paints can provide a good quality finish, a spray paint can will be much easier and cover a greater coverage area – having the work completing in double time.

Be wary though. Spray paint cans will complete work quicker, but can become messy if you are not experienced. Try to get a dew practise sprays in before you start working on your main items.

#3 Range of Product Use

Spray paint cans can be use don a variety of products and equipment. In our opinion, RAL coloured aerosol spray paint cans are best for external items such as garden furniture and external decorations.

The range of colours available, make them stand out and can really add some value to your home.

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