There are many aerosol chrome coatings on the market and available to purchase and some are extremely outstanding, for example, Hydro chrome. While others are not and to get directly to the point, a considerable measure of the chrome aerosols which is accessible on the UK market is of poor quality and has been created in Asian nations.

DC Paint Solutions not just creates the best chrome aerosol in the UK yet at a value that won’t use up every last penny.

Here at DC Paint Solutions, we deliver the most astounding quality chrome coatings and our expert sprayers apply this UK fabricated quality chrome paint to your things with the most astounding measures conceivable.

What is Chrome Paint?

Chrome paint is the texture of an aerosol that produces a silver nitrate, so generally, it is an intelligent fragment and a chemical response happens amid the assembling procedure which thusly offers up to a 98% reflection rate when finished.

Utilising our chrome paint has significant advantages over customary chrome plating as chrome plating is an electro-plating plunging process which is constrained on the kind of substrate and the measure of the tanks. Likewise this procedure is extremely poisonous with a great deal of waste delivered.

Since DC Paint Solutions was established we have built up our own particular framework in the UK, this item has likewise been tried by a confirmed by a brand name who is one of the main worldwide paint organisations around – it was voted as the best chrome they had ever observed or tried.

Benefits of our Sprays:

  • Any surface can be coated.
  • Better for the environment.
  • Will never rust.
  • Slivering is flexible.
  • Can be over coated with colours
  • Can be applied as a see through silver coating on glass for instance.
  • Different levels of sheen can be achieved.
  • Complicated items can be silvered.
  • No limit on size, even airplanes and boats have been coated.
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