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One of the best ways to embrace the lovely summer weather is to get outside and enjoy the garden. Over the winter months are garden furniture and fittings can take a dramatic hit from the great British weather elements. If your thinking of sprucing up you’re garden this summer here we tell you how to use outdoor spray paint.

What can I spray using outdoor spray paint?

There are so many different pieces of garden furniture and fittings you can paint. Using a range of British standard aerosols and pantone colour aerosols you can bring your garden back to life and ready for all those barbeques.


Overtime garden furniture can become weathered and look worse for wear as the years go by. Don’t spend unnecessary money purchasing new garden furniture when you can respray them. If you are experiencing a significant amount of rust before you do anything, you will need to clean the furniture beforehand. Before you start the cleaning process you will need to ensure you are wearing protective gloves which you can get from SafetyGloves.co.uk. You will also need to ensure your tetanus jabs up to date; rust isn’t necessarily harmful however can grow bacteria that may cause short-term symptoms so it may be wise to contact a doctor to ensure you have all the right vaccinations.

We also recommend if your garden furniture is so rusty it can pose a risk to family safety, it may be worth chucking it away, we would love for you to revamp your furniture but in some cases, it might not be salvageable.


Cleaning garden furniture can be a lengthy process, however, does need to be done, so you can fully enjoy it during the warmer months. There are a few steps you may need to take when cleaning your garden furniture; we recommend moving it away from your decking or patio, otherwise, when washing, you could just me moving the dirt onto this area.

One of the best tools you can use to get rid of most of the dirt is a scrub brush and normal household detergent to remove any dirt or grease.

Once clean you will want to get rid of as much rust as possible, this cannot always be removed during the cleaning process even when using a pressure washer. The best way for you to remove rush is by using a wire brush or a brisk brush which you can run across the area of the furniture with a pile-up of rust. Pay attention to areas where they may be a build-up of rust, especially the corners and tight spots.

If the furniture is not washed properly, the paint will not stick as effectively as it would without any dirt or rust on it. So it is important you take this step seriously, put the time and effort into getting it right the first time around as there is nothing worse than having to go back and redo it all.

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Do you have a metal table set and chairs? During the winter months, metals can start to form moulds and a significant amount of rust. Before you consider painting you will want to think about priming the surface to ensure the paint stick properly and holds over the course of the summer. We highly recommend using DC Paint Solutions primer spray paints. By using a primer, paints are more likely to have an even finish, especially if the surface you are spraying is porous.

Before priming the surface, you will need to ensure all of your furniture is either placed on the grass or over a cloth you do not mind damaging. When spraying the primer, you will need to spray light coats and let each dry thoroughly before applying the next. The reason for doing this is because if you apply to many coats at once, the underneath coats are still tacky meaning the spray paint you apply will not dry evenly.

Spray painting the furniture is fairly easy, you will want to spray from multiple angels especially if it’s a unique design, this will allow the coat to apply evenly across all areas.


The wicker cleaning process is actually slightly different to other materials your garden furniture may be made of as it is softer than most. You will want to use a detergent and water solutions along with a soft bristle brush to remove any flaking paint as well as dirt. If you are dealing with rattan reed wicker, you can use a pressure washer to remove any dirt and grime. Do keep in mind that it can be easier to damage to wicker with a pressure washer so use a lower setting.

Wicker will require a primer before spray painting, much like metal you will need to apply a few coats before painting. One of the best spray paints you can use on wicker surfaces is Pantone colour spray paint which will give you a even finish as well as a vibrant colour.

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Why spray paint my furniture?

Spray painting is one of the most cost-effective ways to revamp your garden, don’t waste money purchasing new garden furniture when you can simply remodel it. There are now a wide range of colours available to you, if you are struggling to find the colour you are looking for an, custom colour DC Paint Solutions provide an in-house colour matching service.

Before you start you revamping process, we highly recommend you clean on furniture down and ensure there is no rust before you consider priming the surface. By cleaning and priming, you are allowing the paint to have an even surface to sit on which will give you a much better finish. Paint will not flake nor will it bubble.

If you have revamped your garden furniture using any of our paints feel free to show us your finished items over on our Facebook page, if we use your images you can receive 10% off your next order.

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