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A sleek, metallic finish on anything from household items to commercial buildings continues to grow in popularity as one of the easiest updates to achieve modernisation. Not only does chrome brighten an object, but also gives an immediate contemporary feel.

Real chrome can often prove somewhat pricey, which means that many have taken to the more cost-effective alternative of utilising spray paint to their advantage. Spray paint is ideal for imitating a luxurious chrome painting and although it is cheaper, most definitely does not compromise on the high level of results you’re able to achieve.

If you’re interested in trialling this great metallic-finish alternative, then take a look at our full guide on how to apply chrome spray paint.

A Guide On How To Apply Chrome Spray Paint

Chrome effect is a relatively new addition to the world of spray painting. While chrome spray paint has a similar texture to those of an aerosol, it produces a silver nitrate which is capable of offering a 98% reflection rate. During the spraying process, a clever response occurs between the paint fragments and chemicals in the solution, therefore, producing a higher reflection rate than any other spray paint type.

Opting to use chrome spray paint over customary chrome plating is not only lower in price, but is also a more environmentally friendly option. The procedure of chrome plating an object is known for creating a huge amount of waste and emitting poisonous gas into the atmosphere.

How To Protect Yourself When Spray Painting

While spraying paint over chrome plating is incredibly safe for both the individual applying the paint, along with the environment, there are a number of safety precautions that must be put in place before beginning the application process. Regardless of whether you’re using chrome spray paint or custom paints, it is imperative to adhere to the following steps:

1. Spray In A Ventilated Area

Spray paint should only ever be used in a well-ventilated area, whether this may be through the use of a spraying booth or merely stepping into the great outdoors. Failing to use spray paint in a well-ventilated area comes alongside a plethora of different safety hazards. Not only do you run the risk of inhaling toxic fumes, but also dramatically increase the likelihood of a fire. Any paint fumes that are left to come into contact with an electrical discharge will quickly ignite a fire.

A poorly ventilated area will also lower the quality of your final results. No ventilation means that dust, debris and grime have nowhere to escape meaning they will begin to build on the surface during the spraying process.

spraying booth

2. Cover Up

Although it may seem heavy and limit your movement ever so slightly, it is vital to ensure that you wear both long sleeves and trousers during spraying. Chromium used in the ingredients of chrome spray paint can begin to irritate the skin when exposed and cause a number of skin reactions. Keep in mind that chrome spray paint can stain clothing, so ensure that you wear old clothing that you do not mind getting dirty.

3. Wear Rubber Gloves

Many assume that any form of gloves is capable of shielding your hands from spray paint; however, this isn’t the case. It is essential only to use rubber gloves as plastic gloves, unfortunately, are not able to handle the corrosive substances used in chrome paint. If you are unable to find rubber gloves, those made from neoprene or PVC work equally as well.

Rubber spraying gloves

4. Protect Your Eyes

Your eyes are some of the most delicate features of the body and must always be protected from harmful substances. Although protective glasses are effective, for extra safety, it is highly recommended, instead, to opt for using goggles. Goggles are fitted with elasticated straps which allow them to have a tighter grip to the head.

5. Wear A Face Mask

A spraying mask is one of the most common forms of protective clothing you see people wear when spray painting. Wearing a face mask is even more important if you suffer from health conditions that affect your breathing such as asthma or have severe allergies. A spraying mask covers both the mouth and nose to ensure that no dust or harmful chemicals are inhaled. Masks can be picked up from online retailers such as Online Safety Supplies and Frontline Safety.

What Items Can Be Sprayed Chrome?

Due to the versatility of chrome spray paint, you most definitely are not limited to the wide variety of different items you can transform. Whether you opt for adding a touch of chrome to your vehicle’s exterior mirrors or aim to revamp vintage furniture, chrome spray paint is capable of fulfilling the role. Below are just some of the many opportunities when considering the uses of chrome spray paint.


While spraying the entire vehicle chrome may only be suited to drivers with a bolder personality, many opt for spraying small segments of their car to add a modern touch. One of the most popular uses of chrome automotive spray paint on a vehicle is to renew alloys and add a fresh layer of colour over the top. It is ideal if you have a small scrape which you hope to disguise as opposed to purchasing brand new alloys.

Household Appliances

You would be surprised by the number of household appliances that can be upscaled using a touch of chrome spray paint. Full items can be sprayed or merely small sections. The paint is ideal for appliances such as toasters, kettles, ovens and even radiators.

Chrome kitchen appliances


Many assume that the only way to change the colour of materials is to use a fabric dye; however, the process can be completed in a few simple steps using spray paint. However, it is important to highlight that you must ensure that only specifically designed fabric spray paint including no toxic chemicals or fumes is used.

Light Fixtures

Light fixtures are often the last component of the home that is updated and tends to go many years unchanged, collecting dust. If you still like the appearance of your light fixtures, however, they are beginning to appear outdated, then respraying them with a chrome coating is a fantastic idea. The Country Chic Cottage website has a super easy tutorial on how to spray paint light fixtures to maximise results.

Chrome light fixtures


A chrome colour scheme in the home continues to remain a trending interior design theme, so why not incorporate a statement piece into your home by recycling an old piece of furniture? Whether you opt for a rustic dressing table or dining chairs, chrome spray paint is guaranteed to provide a luxurious finish.

Step-By-Step Spraying Guide

While spray paint is more than capable of achieving a seamless appearance of chrome plating on any object, the application process does slightly differ depending on both the material and item type you choose to repaint. It is always highly recommended to spend time researching the best practices for the particular item you opt to spray before beginning the application process.

Nevertheless, there are a number of preparation steps that must be carried out to maximise results regardless of the object you opt to spray.

1. Clean The Surface

The foundation of all sleek paint jobs is a smooth, clean base. With this in mind, it is imperative to begin the application process by thoroughly cleaning the surface, entirely removing all dust, debris and grime. Use a clean, warm and damp cloth to gently scrub the surface to lift all dirt; preferably a microfibre cloth. Microfibre cloths are made using a combination of nylon and polyester to create a super soft material filled with fine fibre to grab dirt. We suggest using circular motions to ensure that all dust grips to the cloth.

Always ensure that the surface is completely dry before beginning to prime and paint.

Cleaning car alloys

2. Apply A Primer

A primer is a key step in any painting process to guarantee the longevity of your outcome. Priming a surface not only creates an adhesive base for the paint to stick to but also allows you to smooth out any uneven surfaces for a seamless finish. You will need to ensure that you purchase a primer made specific to the item you wish to spray. If you’re unsure, then we suggest visiting a reputable DIY shop and asking a member of staff to recommend the best primer to fit your requirements.

If you are using professional spraying equipment as opposed to canned spray paint, then there is also spray primer available to purchase. On the other hand, if you are sticking to traditional canned spray paint, then we suggest using a large, flat paintbrush to paint a thin layer on primer onto the surface. When painting on primer, we do suggest opting for a second coat once the initial layer has dried.

3. Add A Dark Base Coat

Many do not realise that to achieve a chrome appearance, the surface must first be painted with a dark base coat. A dark base coat is essential to achieve a bright and reflective finish.

We suggest opting for a jet black base coat, which again, can be sprayed or painted depending on the method that is best suited to you. Generally speaking, spraying on a black coating will only require one coat, whereas painting will benefit from two or three layers. Always ensure that you allow at least 24 hours for the black base coat to dry before you continue to apply your chrome spray paint.

4. Spray On The Chrome Paint

Last, but most definitely not least, it is time to spray on your chrome paint. As the surface has been adequately prepped and primed, this should be the most straightforward step in the application process. To ensure that you achieve an even finish, it is important to hold your spray can at least 10 inches away from the surface and continuously move to avoid lots of paint building up on one area. Only once layer should be required when using chrome spray paint; however, a second can be added as and where you see fit. If you do opt for spraying a second layer, ensure that the first is fully dried before beginning.

Transform Items Using Chrome Spray Paint!

The possibilities when experimenting with chrome spray paint are endless. It is an ideal, cost-effective alternative to adding a modernised touch to a number of different items. Regardless of what you’re spraying, it is imperative to ensure that you have implemented the adequate safety precautions to ensure that you do not inhale any harmful toxins and do not run the risk of a fire. Always make sure that your skin, eyes and mouth are covered and that you are only using spray paint in a well-ventilated area.

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