Whether you’re respraying your car body after a minor bump or if you promised the wife that you will respray the garage – this weeks’ post discusses the range of high quality colour matched spray paint we have available right here in our online store, no matter what your project!

Getting a Colour Matched Spray Paint

Now before you start your project or task, you will need to know the exact colour that you require.

Now if you don’t know the colour code, don’t panic. If need be, you can always send us a sample and our team of colour matching spray paint technicians will be able to identify the exact colour code for your project. We will look to get your colour match number back to you within 48 hours.

So now you have your colour code – now it’s time to decide on a finish. If you are looking to purchase automotive spray paint, metallic paint only comes as a matt finish. You will need to purchase a gloss lacquer as well. This will also need to be applied.

Our custom colour automotive aerosols are available as both 1K and 2K, in both a matt and gloss finishes.

As well as car body spray paints, we also provide a number of quality custom colour aerosols for a range of tasks that include but are certainly not limited to Alloy Wheel Refurbishments, Glass Work, Touch-Ups and more.

Why Our Colour Matched Aerosols?

We are delighted to boast an impressive range of custom aerosols and spray paints. We pride ourselves on being able to colour match any colour you need, no matter what task, project or environment.

All of our custom aerosols are available in bulk order and are available for nationwide delivery, we have built relationships with suppliers over the years that continue to hold as solid foundations in our successful organisation. We are able to supply RAL, British Standard, Pantone, Automotive Spray Paints and more!

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